Sirloin steak


Beef is commonly known as “proud meat” because the steak has high protein content, low fat content, delicious taste, and nutrients are easily absorbed by the body; nutritionists say that the nutritional value of the steak occupies a variety of meats! A variety of people are good.
For the dinner for this children’s package, I chose the sirloin steak imported from Australia. Sharon: It contains some fat because it is outside the beef ribs. There is a white tendon on the meat. The overall taste is tough, hard and chewy. It is 80 years old and suitable for young people and good people. The tender meat is also suitable for steak selection! When eating, cut into the inside, add the tendon, and cut the meat into pieces. “
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
sirloin steak
Supplementary material
Broccoli amount, carrot amount, 1 egg, 25 grams of butter, black pepper amount, black pepper amount, black pepper juice amount, salt amount, garlic amount
Sharon steak recipe
Prepare the ingredients you need

  1. Gently tap the steak with a knife back or a meat hammer and loosen the meat a little.
    Sprinkle with black pepper and salt
  2. Evenly apply both sides and marinate for about 10 minutes.
    Boil the water. Blanch carrots and broccoli. Shelving
    6 use low heat in the pan to melt the butter
    Add garlic slices and saute
  3. Set the steak aside, fry and turn over, about 2 minutes on each side (take out the garlic)
    Place the iron plate on the stove with low heat and arrange the side dish
    Put the steak in the pot and then break into the egg
  4. After frying the steak, pour the pepper juice into the remaining oil.
    Pour the sauce on the steak and heat it


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