G-class? Lamborghini will introduce super hard SUV!


Lamborghini started Lamborghini’s sales frenzy a few months after selling his first SUV Urus, which increased the brand’s annual sales in 2018 by 51% (total sales: 5,750, of which Urus accounted for 1,302). It is believed that Urus will continue to lead Lamborghini to break the sales record for the first full sales year of the year. In the near future, we will have the opportunity to see the Italian super sports car brand launch the second SUV, which will become a super hard SUV, inspired by the Lamborghini military SUV in the late 1980s.
The regular, motor-friendly LM002 produced only 328 cars between 1986 and 1993, when it was also known as Rambo Lambo, which meant the powerful, hard-hitting Rambo was the star of action. Lamborghini Chief Executive Officer Stefano Domenicali recently told foreign media that the company is considering launching a new rigid SUV in the future. “This car will inherit the spirit and design philosophy of Rambo Lambo.”
However, the plan has not yet been formally approved. Domenicali said that if things are confirmed, it may be the fourth or fifth model of the entire Lamborghini car. In the original plan, Lamborghini considered launching the four-door coupe first, but he did not know whether Urus was selling.
So when will the new car come out first? Domenicali also pointed out that Lamborghini’s sales will reach 8,000. As for the steady growth trend of Lamborghini in recent years, I believe that 7,000 vehicles will not be a problem this year, and Lamborghini has actually planned to start production in 2020. In order to maintain its uniqueness, the production limit is 8,000 vehicles, including the production capacity of 4,000 Urus. Partners produce “Dallas” Huracan and “and” Aventador (two-thirds of the former, one-third of the latter), in other words, we will have the opportunity to see the fourth in the full range of Lamborghini in 2021. The model is the fastest. stay tuned.


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