A super car like iron man? Lamborghini crazy concept car exo-suit breaks your imagination!


Super sports car Lamborghini is not a sports car but a dress? Of course not, but Lamborghini recently released a fairly new concept car “exobiology – Suit”, but said it is a car that looks a bit strange, because you are afraid that I can’t “drive” it, but need to “put it on, “There is no steering wheel, throttle, brakes, as long as there is an explicit creature – one is suitable for the car and can take you to the automatic driving!”

Although the idea of ​​an armored car is not Iron Man, it is similar to designer Simon Wells in that it was inspired by the American cartoon “The Centurions” of the 1980s.

The protagonist is wearing a flight suit and can become a vehicle. In the outer suit design, the driver simply lays in the cockpit, puts on the helmet, sets the destination and route, and then what? Then it won’t work, just drive a good look, look up at the sky, or occasionally through the projection screen, pay attention to the car and the road, do not need the steering wheel on the accelerator, you can directly reach their destination through automatic driving, mechanical armor only in the movie Or animated biology – the suit has four wheels stuck to the ground instead of flying land.


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