The altar class LB wide body lamborghini Aventador


In the past, super sports cars seemed to be a tool for the rich. In the eyes of the public, it is unbelievable to spend millions or even tens of millions of dollars to buy a car. Today, however, the proliferation of super sports cars, super sports cars have become more than just a symbol of wealth, and players have a deep understanding of the value of super sports cars, they will no longer stay in super sports cars and meet, but often personalized, limited Version, unique, or in the pursuit of extreme style transformation, here is the protagonist of this article – Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador. LB performance seems to make people suddenly realize, wow! It turns out that this speed stunt can still be played like this. Although this style has been evaluated differently, it is undeniable that the Liberty Walk’s unique low-lying, wide-body aesthetic is amazing.

The Lamborghini Aventador was launched in 2011 with a global quota of 4,000 units. A 6.5-liter V12 engine is placed in the center of the vehicle with a maximum power of 700 hp. It is known that this is a naturally aspirated engine. In other words, the engine needs to rely entirely on atmospheric pressure to enter the combustion chamber. Therefore, the Aventador body line design, And the various interference devices are the perfect embodiment of aerodynamics, and its exaggeration is undoubtedly self-evident.
When the bull enters the construction site, the huge body and the fiery V12 roar sounds like the whole world hovering around it. Even if it is quietly placed there, it should be tasted several times. The owner of the car chose to make individual modifications on this basis, which undoubtedly left other cattle out of the world.
In fact, Lamborghini’s products are so easy to identify, it’s hard not to think that the only tool that designers use when designing body lines is the ruler. The Japanese-branded Liberty Walk even considers the exaggerated lines of its original vehicle to be conservative, so any vehicle it rebuilds will be far from the original car, and it already exists.
A month ago, when the vehicle arrived at the store and began construction. Everything from loading, training to stickers, including JTZ and car owners, is in perfect pursuit. The LB Performance wide body kit, carbon fiber engine compartment, rear diffuser and large carbon fiber tail are added to the vehicle and the air shock absorber is changed to create a low ground posture. I just want to say that the high-profile original has been taken directly to the altar by Liberty Walk.
It is not difficult to install the LB wide body group, but it is difficult to install the Lamborghini Bull. The construction details are very refined
Liberty Walk’s stronger hex screws and bodywork also help with future maintenance
The wheel frame design is perfectly integrated with the original car line, and the fit of the kit to the original car is also very high.
Liberty Walk’s unique approach eliminates the existing design of the original car, and the exaggerated wide body kit can extend all four wheel frames to a large extent, allowing the lines of the vehicle to extend horizontally and visually. In pursuit of the original Liberty Walk’s spacious body style, the film complements the Airrex air suspension, Forgiato forgiving wheels, Pirelli Pero tires, the Armytrix exhaust system, and custom carbon fiber products in addition to the engine compartment and rear diffuser. This restored the brand’s wildness to life.

In pursuit of a more perfect wide-body piece, the owner continues to pursue the Liberty Walk-style car sticker, which is definitely the ultimate pursuit of Liberty Walk. Through the conception, customization to the final construction link, it is a variety of actions, but also spent a lot of work time. With over 40 different sizes of stickers, including the Liberty Walk Logo and conversion options, the low-profile body is instantly like a competitive factory car. Each sticker has been carefully studied and re-examined for complete flawless results. Art appreciation
Now, the wide-body case of the Liberty Walk has spread to the United States, Asia, Europe and other countries, sweeping the world like a cold snap, leading to a unique trend of visual modification. If you are a supercar owner who doesn’t want your car to become boring, then Liberty Walk is a good choice.


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