This company, with fewer than 100 people, makes supercars that ferrari can’t even beat


Which country’s super sports car is the most famous? Many car enthusiasts will definitely think of Italy. As a country leading fashion, there are more than one brand of super sports cars. We mentioned Ferrari, Pagani and other brands, so there are reasons why Italian brands can sweep the world. Of course, the number of fans is countless. Pagani is a small manufacturer compared to the famous Italian luxury car brand Lamborghini. But why are such small shop builders producing such high-performance supercars? all around the world?
Similar to Ferrari, a world-class old company can get such a high position in the martial arts in the entire auto market. In fact, we can understand, but this small manufacturer’s Pagani is a part of how to stand out in this martial art. world? This sports car company does not have many employees, nor does it technically manufacture engines or gearboxes. So how do they make super sports cars? It is a bit disrespectful to say that Pagani is a small workshop, but the fact is that Pagani’s company is not very big. Pagani was founded in 1992. It is only 26 years old, and the entire company has only 55 employees. The company has no history and the employees are not thousands of people like other groups. Pagani can stand at the top of the pyramid in just over 20 years, how difficult it is in the entire sports car industry!
Pagani is not their own engine and transmission, but we can’t deny the quality of the engine. But the AMG, the brake kit is also the world’s best-known company, the parts are assembled by super professional technicians, and even the transmission and engine are not from His company’s research and development, but how can the best global automotive assembly parts of major manufacturers be so good? Take the company version of the track as an example. In order to pursue the ultimate challenge of speed, the entire vehicle will not even be equipped with air conditioning.
The whole vehicle is basically made of carbon fiber material, so the body strength is very high, which greatly reduces the weight of the car. Some models do not have reverse gear, but we can choose to install according to our own preferences. This kind of private custom is for consumers. Very satisfied. From the special settings of Pagani, we can know that pagani is just a sports car company born for the track. It is also the most primitive and pure sports car. This should be the reason why pagani is so successful!
Pagani employees don’t have to do too much research on their clothes at work. They don’t need to wear formal work clothes step by step. What kind of clothes employees want to wear is their own personal choice, they look energetic. Pagani’s studio looks cleaner than our home. It’s a small company with a small footprint and often competes with famous sports cars.
Constantly breaking through and continuing to break the routine of the sports car industry, Pagani’s sports car model and competitions such as Ferrari, Bugatti, konitalo and other high-end sports cars, through the underground competition challenge, let their brands gain experience. In 2010, Pagani’s Zonda R participated in the Ferrari 599XX competition in northern New York and won numerous competitions, and Pagani’s status as the top supercar was born from it.


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