The most gentlemanly supercar – aston Martin

Aston Martin’s life is very tortuous, but they still produce elegant sports cars with racing pedigree. In the James Bond movie, we can often see the elegant posture of this brand. Aston Martin’s brand ownership has gone through countless times, and I can’t come up with specific numbers after reading a lot of material. But the brand still insists on producing the most extreme luxury high-performance sports car. This article will take you to the British gentleman brand Aston Martin.
In 1913, in a small workshop in London, England, two young people were keen on cars. They are the founders of Aston Martin, Lionel Martin and Robert Banford, who believe that buying and repairing cars is not what they want to do. At that time, every young man was keen on racing, and the two had previously played at Aston Hill on Aston Clinton. Because they don’t want to drive someone else’s car, they plan to build their own car. After that, the two set up a car company and put a four-cylinder coventry single-valve engine into Lsotta Fraschini in 1908.
In 1915, they built the first car, called Coal Scuttle, which was later officially named Aston Martin. Unfortunately, when I broke out in World War I, they barely finished the car. Martin joined hyjon, and Bamford joined the British army, who sold all the production materials to keep their company alive.
When the war ended in 1919, they decided to start designing a new car, but Bamford withdrew from the company within a year. In 1920, young millionaire racer Louis Zborowski decided to help Martin build a car. Two years later, Martin’s three cars were first exhibited in France, and all three created world speed and endurance records. The three cars are Green Pea, Razor Blade and Halford Special, which have already produced 55 cars. But just two years later, the company’s capital chain was broken, and this wealthy lady, Mrs. Chaynwood, bought Aston Martin.
Unfortunately, the company did not make a profit during the one-year operation. I was exhausted and frustrated by the closure of the Aston Martin factory, and I was fully committed to the lime and chalk business at home. Then Lady Charnwood tried again to save the company and found two new investors in 1926. Bill Renwick and Augustus Bertelli were later renamed Aston Martin Motors. Then they focused on creating roadsters and racing cars, such as Classic International, Le Mans and Ulster. They showed great strength in the game, including Le Mans and Mille Miaglia. Participating in these top competitions was very expensive, which led to serious economic problems for young companies in 1932.
Due to the strong financial support of investors, Aston Martin began to pay attention to the road model in 1936. But with the outbreak of the Second World War, the country needed so many planes that Aston Martin began making parts for the British army. Despite the shortage of materials, Gordon Sutherland commissioned Aston Martin in 1939 to make the world’s first work concept car. The car is the Aston Martin Atom, which successfully built a comfortable, lightweight car. During the Second World War, Sutherland himself opened more than 160,000 kilometers. Later, the Aston Martin model was inspired by Atom.
After two wars, Europe was in ruins and the company could not see the growth prospects there. During the Second World War, Aston Martin produced only 680 cars, and Sutherland finally decided to sell Aston Martin. In the end, David Brown, the entrepreneur who made the gearbox and tractor, bought Aston Martin, the decision he made after testing the Atom concept car in 1947. He also deliberately bought the troubled luxury brand Lagonda and added Bentley’s engine to make Aston Martin Lagunda.
Miraculously, the company still exists today, and in 1948, when they revived the company, they launched some Aston Martin 2L sports. It is also known as Aston Martin DB1, and it is the ancestor of the DB series. DB stands for David Brown, and he did a lot to resurrect Aston Martin.
Then they launched DB2, the first Aston Martin car with an inline six-cylinder engine. The car is also very good in the game, but they don’t want to continue to use the Bentley engine. They recruited Polish engineer Tadek Marek to build the engine for Aston Martin. When Aston Martin launched DB4 at the London Motor Show in 1958, people began to pay attention to small factories in the UK.
Aston Martin continues to launch new cars while still playing. The 1959 DBR1 won three consecutive championships in the men’s 24-hour endurance race, the Nurburgring team and the International Touring Trophy and the World Sports Car Championship. This series of achievements can only be achieved by one brand, it comes from Ferrari in Italy. In 2017, DBR1, one of the five prototypes, was sold for $22.5 million, making it the most expensive British car ever. Aston Martin’s last car


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