The steamed eggs in wulou


“The building of the orchard is our local dialect, the smallest squid in the sea. The specific name of the smallest squid in the sea is called – young squid.
Of all the squid in the world, the smallest is squid. It is less than 1.5 cm in length and is about the size of a peanut and weighs only 0.1 gram. This ultra-small squid lives in marine plants and has a very similar appearance to squid. It has a suction cup on the back and can be attached to aquatic plants without being washed away by sea water. Usually it relies on aquatic plants. Once the prey is found and then suddenly attacks, after eating, return to the aquatic plants to rest quietly, waiting for the next prey.
The smallest squid Haifa, the most common is to mix the eggs in our local area to eat steamed together, the taste is very delicious, the entrance of the building is instant, very fresh, because the taste of the eggs is also very delicate, soft, smooth, is a A rare and delicious. “
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
500 g wooden floor
Supplementary material
The amount of eggs, the amount of parsley, the amount of small red pepper, the amount of chopped green onion, the amount of salt, the amount of peanut oil
Wulou steamed egg recipe steps
Main ingredients: 500g raw materials: 2 eggs, coriander, red pepper, green onion seasoning: salt, peanut oil
Chopped parsley, green onions and sweet peppers. Shelving
Take a container and build black, eggs, parsley, green onions, and red peppers together.
Season with salt and peanut oil
Stir well and pour into a deep dish
Put in a steamer and steam for 20 minutes after boiling


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