Singapore bak kut teh


“My first contact with Singapore bak kut teh was at the Hong Kong Food Court. I want to know what kak kut teh is. I saw the true face of Lushan behind the table, the thick soup taste and some herbal flavors. But I still I didn’t figure out which Chinese herbal medicine was used, but it didn’t stop me from being impressed with bak kut! It doesn’t matter if you fail. As a workout and learning, people are always mentioned in constant practice and learning. I am right. ?
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
Pig bone
Supplementary material
a box of smoked tofu
Appropriate amount of ginger, rice wine, light soy sauce, salt, garlic
Steps to make bak kut teh in Singapore
1 main material: fresh thong bone
2 kinds of ingredients: a box of Maqiao dry incense
3 seasonings: 1 whole garlic
Diagonally cut the horse’s dry incense into a large triangle
Nourishing bones clean and stewed water

  1. Remove the whole garlic skin and add it to the tibia.
  2. Stew 6-7 yuan, remove the mature bones, drain, and then stop using
    Heat the pan, stir the ginger and garlic until the incense
    9 invite bones to bring out bone scent
    10 under the axle, stir-fry, then stir fry
    Adding rice wine
    Add light soy sauce
  3. Add the stew that has just cost bones, don’t add any hot water, so as not to damage its strength.
    After the addition, 14 white bone soups were slightly darkened because the light soy sauce was added before.


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