“I went to a small seafood port a few days ago and bought a lot of seafood I had in the morning. Finally I could make my favorite paella, just to prepare for my trip to Spain at the end of this month.
Although I study French food in France, I prefer ordinary ordinary Spanish food and quality French food. Among them, my favorite food is paella. I have been dreaming that if I can own my own restaurant, I will use paella as the main dish. I will never lick the ingredients, rich in fresh seafood, fat chicken and the soul of paella – saffron.
As its name suggests, paella is a rice that contains a lot of seafood. The most traditional are mussels, cuttlefish and shrimp, which are very rich in Spain. Of course, meat is also indispensable. Vegetables are usually green and red green peppers, peas, tomatoes and onions, and fried with chili, spicy Spanish sausage and chili powder.
If you don’t fix these, saffron is absolutely irreplaceable. If there is no saffron, there is no unique saffron aroma in the rice. Absolutely not authentic paella. Saffron is the most expensive material in the world. I bought it in a 0.1 gram vial with four bottles in the box, which is more expensive than gold.
If you don’t have Spanish rice, choose low-viscosity rice, but make sure it is washable. The rice in this dish must not be washed and cannot be turned over.
Decorate the lemon juice with the Brazilian rice sprinkled.
Authentic paella is placed in a pot called PEALLA, we use ordinary non-stick pans.
Steps to make a paella
Brush the mussel surface to remove impurities and soak in the water to spit sand.
Add the white wine to the pan and cook the mussels until they are open.

  1. Remove the mussels and leave 8 on the rice. Don’t throw away the wine and get rid of cooking. 4 Clean the fish bones and cut them into small pieces. Peel and hazelnut carrots, 1 onion and hazelnuts. Add a little olive oil to the 6 POTS, add the chopped onions, and saute until fragrant. Add carrots and stir fry. Add the fish bones and fry until white. Add boiling water, white pepper, 2 bay leaves and boil. Remove the black film on the surface of the cuttlefish and remove the internal organs. Wash the squid and cut it into a ring. Trim the beard of the shrimp. Fried chicken leg oil until golden brown. Peel the onions and red onions and sprinkle with sweet peppers. Cut the onions and shallots into small pieces and slice the sausage sausage. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and cut the green pepper into thick pieces. 17 take 0.3 grams of saffron. Add some fresh fish soup, saffron, 2 bay leaves and 2 cloves of garlic. Cook for 5 minutes. Add olive oil to the pan and heat. Add onions, shallots, garlic and stir-fry until fragrant. Add sausage sausage and saute until the sausage is greasy. Add paprika paprika. Add tomatoes and cook until tender. Add sweet peppers, mung beans, cuttlefish rings, mussel meat and saute. Season with salt. Add 25 meters and mix well. Add safflower water. 27 Add cooked mussels to white wine. Add boiled fish soup. Place the seafood and chicken legs on the table, simmer on low heat, and cook until the soup is dry. Turn off the heat when cooking rice and seafood. Cut fresh Brazil into small pieces. Cut the lemon into eight pieces. Add the lemon and sprinkle with chopped basil. Sprinkle with a little paprika.


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