Fried pork chops


Crunchy skin does not completely cover the feeling of meat in the heart. Under the hot catalysis, the thick tenderloin is transformed into the temptation of the night. When the teeth bite down, the dream is full of rich mouth and sweet voice.
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
Tenderloin, 1 piece
Supplementary material
Amount of flour, 1 egg, bread crumbs, spicy fresh seasoning
Fried pork chops
Wash the pork loin and cut into thick slices
Both sides of the pat loose the knife back or the meat hammer. Loose steaks will become thinner and bigger
3 Discharge the loose pigs into the pan and marinate for 30 minutes with spicy fresh ingredients.
Divide the flour and bread crumbs into two plates. Knock the eggs into the plate
5 First discharge the pig into the flour tray, first sprinkle a layer of flour, shake off the excess flour, then soak it in the egg mixture, then repeat it twice, ie flour>egg>flour>egg
6 Then put the breadcrumbs in the breadcrumbs, apply both sides to the bread, press it by hand, and stick the breadcrumbs firmly.
7 Pour the oil into the pan and heat it to about 175 degrees with medium heat. Then fry the pork chops in oil until they turn pale yellow on both sides, remove and drain, raise the oil temperature, and fry again until golden crisp.


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