Pororo bean fried pork chop


Pinto Bean is the soul of this dish, raw and purple color, this time is ready-to-eat canned beans, slightly salty and sour, perfectly matched with pork chops.
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
3 pork chops
Supplementary material
1/3 canned bean, 1 onion, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 tomatoes
Salt, light soy sauce, 2 tablespoons black vinegar, olive oil, sugar
Steps to make pororo bean fried pork chop
1 preparation ingredients

  1. Add salt and Shaoxing wine to the pork chops, massage evenly, marinate for 30 minutes, and then dry in the basket.
    3 pork ribs without bones, peeled tomatoes, cut into small pieces, shredded onions
    Heat the pan with cold oil and add tomatoes
    Stir to thicken and work
    Onion 6 times, fried to the incense
  2. Stir-fried ketchup and stewed beans. Seasoned with soy sauce, sugar and salt
    Sprinkle with sweet peppers and spices, flatten the garlic, and squeeze the garlic juice on the pork chops
    Remove from the frying pan, use a brush, heat and add pork chops
    Drain the pig into hot bean paste and cook for 1 minute on medium heat
    11 20 seconds on each side, come out


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