Bacon Shrimp Pasta


Spaghetti sauce is ketchup, pesto, creamy sauce and squid ink sauce. Red sauce is mainly made from tomato sauce and is the most common; green sauce is a sauce made of basil, pine nuts and olive oil. Unsalted butter, used to bake pasta, lasagna and seafood pasta. Black sauce is a sauce made with cuttlefish, served with seafood pasta such as cuttlefish.
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
Ingredients: 10 grams of butter, 15 grams of flour, 40 grams of onion, 2 slices of bacon, several shrimps, 1 small broccoli, 1/2 yellow bell peppers
Bacon Shrimp Pasta Formula
Prepare the required materials.
Heat 2 pots and melt 20 grams of butter.

  1. Pour in the flour.
    Stir the flour at low temperature.
    Add milk five times.
  2. Thoroughly stir the dough while pouring, remove the sauce, set aside
    Boil another pot of water, add spaghetti, add a pinch of salt, cook over high heat for about 7-8 minutes, then remove.
  3. Prepare pasta ingredients, yellow bell peppers, bacon, sliced ​​mushrooms, onions, garlic cloves, chopped broccoli into small pieces for later use.
    Heat the pan and pour in the olive oil.
    Add chopped onions and garlic. Add bacon and shrimp.
    Add broccoli, sweet peppers and sliced ​​mushrooms. Season with a pinch of salt.
    Add the cooked pasta and mix well.
    Add the cream and white sauce to the noodles and turn off the heat.
    14 serving heat.
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