Tempura (Japanese Fried Shrimp)


Tempura is a Japanese dish made with thin batter and fried. Because my only choice today is sea shrimp (my favorite tempura) and a few leeks of the tempura dish, it may be just Japanese fried shrimp. Some of the criteria for tempura success include its ability to stand upright without bending over, its ability to have a crunchy texture on the outside, its softness inside, and its ability to become brittle without greasy. In order to make the shrimps straight, it is not a toothpick to solve, but a clever way. Three operating points to make the vertical not bend, crisp and not crisp shrimp tempura ~
“1 shrimp peeled, leaving only the tail, gently demarcation on the back, remove the shrimp line
2 Turn the shrimp over, belly up, use a knife to gently scrape a few knives, cut the shrimp

  1. Turn the shrimp over and then come back up. Shrimp by hand
    As shown, the shrimp can lie on the board
    Add tempura powder to ice water
    6 Gently stir with chopsticks, unlike the little cockroaches that float on your face when we usually beat eggs.
    Put ice cubes in a larger bowl
    Put the batter bowl on ice
    Preheat the oil to 175-180 degrees. Dip the chopsticks into the batter and drip into the oil.
  2. Spread the other side of the shrimp with a thin layer of dry flour.
  3. After shaking off the excess flour, use chopsticks to pick up the shrimp tail and hang the paste.
  4. Place the pot upright
  5. Quickly remove the chopsticks and make the shrimp straight
    Grab the shrimp with a fork, use the other hand to immerse the batter in the shrimp with chopsticks, and then finish spinning.
    After frying, apply it to a piece of kitchen paper to absorb the oil and work. There are no white radishes and other ingredients at home, they made a simple sauce: Wei Xiaoyu and soy sauce can be mixed.


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