Thai Red Curry Shrimp – Rich Southern Style

Recently I have been thinking about eating Thai curry. As a sweet person, I like all kinds of Thai curries with a rich coconut aroma. Today, I chose an easy way without technical content. It is similar to making instant noodles. All materials are placed in the pot.
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
Coconut milk 300 ml Thai red curry sauce 2 tablespoons shrimp, starch amount, half onion, garlic 3 petals
Supplementary material
Bring a little
Thai Red Curry Shrimp Recipe Step
Please note that coconut milk is not coconut milk and any brand of curry sauce can be used.
2 chopped garlic cloves, onion, set aside. Prawn cut shrimp shrimp, shrimp line, wash the dirt on the head, cut along the back of the shrimp, be careful not to cut. Cut one side and immerse in starch.
Stir the shrimp until golden brown.
Drain the excess oil from the fried shrimp and set aside.
In a separate frying pan, chop the chopped garlic and onion until browned.
Add red curry sauce and stir fry over low heat.
Add coconut milk and bring to a boil over medium heat.

Add the fried shrimp and bring to a boil. Adjust the cooking time according to the consistency of the soup.
Add a little red oil before cooking.
10 * 300ml of coconut milk can be almost the whole general, generally about 400ml, so the taste of coconut milk can be put in, but in order to avoid the soup is too thin, it is recommended to cook for a while. Curry sauce has different concentrations and salty taste. The one I bought was thick and salty, so 2 tablespoons is enough, no need to add salt. Therefore, it is recommended that we taste the curry sauce in advance and then add or reduce the curry sauce as appropriate. * In fact, it is best to make Thai curry with fresh lemongrass, but it is not so easy to find it (at least the ordinary supermarket is difficult), so I did not introduce the version of today, if conditions permit, it is recommended After rooting, the taste will be different. * Red oil is actually chili oil. It does not heat up to enhance color.


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