Pasta in tomato sauce


Although I said that I made a very good taste, it is always troublesome, so sometimes I want to save trouble and buy sauce directly for pasta. Today, I will teach you how to make tomato red cooked pasta.

Ingredients: 2 pasta

100 grams of ground beef, cooked in tomato sauce, 3 small pieces

Onion (onion, red wine) garlic basil leaves mixed with Italian vanilla cheese powder

Dough in tomato sauce

After preparing the ingredients, I cooked the pasta in two portions with two small pieces of tomato sauce.

Cut the onion into small pieces (the red wine soaked onions are also cut into small pieces, no garlic can be added), fresh basil leaves are also chopped

Heat the pan with oil, fry onions and garlic

Add ground beef and fry until white

I joined the red wine soaked onions and a small amount of red wine and fried, some astringent effect

At the same time: in another pot, add a little salt in boiling water, add pasta and cook as directed

Add ground beef with water or pasta soup, about 3 bowls, and cook for 10 minutes (this can be done with pasta).

Turn the heat down and add 3 small portions of tomato sauce. Stir slowly until the sauce melts

Cook for 5 minutes with low heat

Stir the Italian herbs and basil and turn off the heat

At this time the pasta is cooked, too cold, can be mixed with a small amount of olive oil, and then sandwiched on a plate.

Pour in the sauce and sprinkle with cheese powder. You can also add the cooked pasta directly to the sauce jar and stir it before serving.

Food tips

Stir-fried beef sauce and cooked noodles happen at the same time.

I used 3 small pieces of good ketchup, added 3 bowls of water, about 800ml, just thick enough.

The above is tomato red cooked noodles, directly buy spices, delicious and convenient.


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