French tomato diced


The simplest ingredients, the easiest way, the delicious stop, the low oil and low salt method, delicious and healthy, today Xiaobian teaches you to do this French eggplant.

Ingredients: 2 eggplants, about 25 grams of bread crumbs, oil, salt, shallots, garlic seeds, parsley (not put)

French recipe

Peel the eggplant and rinse it, then cut the eggplant into cubes of uniform size;

In a large container, place the eggplant pieces in a bowl and sprinkle the appropriate amount of salt for about 20 minutes.

Divide the garlic into small pieces and chop the onions for spare; my baby doesn’t like to eat granulated garlic, so it is ground into mud.

Then drain the marinated diced eggplant, (preferably use kitchen paper to absorb excess water). Cook the pot with the appropriate amount of corn oil, then add the diced eggplant to heat for about 5-8 minutes until the eggplant becomes soft and smashed until now. until;

About the surface of eggplant diced slightly yellow! Shake the pan as much as possible, that is, the “point spoon” method allows all surfaces of the eggplant to be evenly heated;

Cut the eggplant into cubes and set aside.

If there is oil left in the pot, please go directly to the next step. If there is no oil left, add a little oil. Shake the pan to evenly heat the breadcrumbs.

When the bread crumbs are slightly golden yellow (about 1-2 minutes), pour the chopped garlic and shallots. Continue to shake the pan until the garlic and green onions are evenly mixed with the breadcrumbs.

When the onion and garlic are fragrant and poured into the front of the fried eggplant, because the eggplant diced is very soft and smooth, don’t touch them with tools. You can only use the shaker to make the diced eggplant. The surface is covered with a layer of bran and minced garlic. Wait until all the diced eggplant is evenly coated with a layer of minced garlic and bran, shake well, mix well, and then serve.

Food tips

The requirement to buy eggplant is fresh, tender, and choose eggplant. When the skin is bright and full, the meat is firm and heavy. If it feels light and light, it means it is aging. If it has hollow or hard seeds, how does it cook?

Eggplant treatment, eggplant skin is an important source of bitterness, so remove the eggplant skin first.

The cooked eggplant must be wiped before the pot water. This step should not be omitted. The water on the surface of the eggplant will prolong the cooking time, and the two will let the oil drop splash.

When frying an eggplant in a pan, the heat must be closely observed, and the surface of the diced eggplant is uniformly heated by a shaker.

When the fried diced eggplant is returned to the pot, do not touch them with a clamp, otherwise they will not be able to maintain the original shape, lose the product phase, and must use the method of shaking the pot to make the diced eggplant and breadcrumbs and garlic. Crush and mix evenly.

The above is French eggplant, crispy outside, tender inside, tastes super delicious, eat once will not forget.


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