Top filet mignon


If you want steaks to be delicious, the most important thing is the sauce. Today, I teach you to make a top steak steak, which is the taste of black pepper sauce. Drink another red wine.

Main ingredients: filet mignon, onion, mushroom, cherry tomato, purple leaf lettuce (with side dish)

Appliances: Meat Hammer

Ingredients: black pepper, sea salt, rosemary, olive oil, black pepper sauce.

Best mignon steak

Wash the filetries and gently massage with the meat hammers on both sides.

Sprinkle Shanghai salt and black pepper.

Massage the steak on both sides for a while and marinate for 20 minutes.

Cut all the ingredients.

Add olive oil to the frying pan.

To make sure you want 7 mature steaks, the oil temperature can be placed on the hot oil, and the heat is obviously about 70%. At this time, you can prepare to put down the steak. The oil temperature is controlled at 150 degrees. High temperatures quickly seal the gravy and keep it delicious.

The time is judged according to the thickness, and then the pan is rotated with a spatula to continue frying the other side. Gently press the steak by hand and feel 7 ripe.

The remaining oil ingredients will be fried in a small fire and sprinkled with salt.

Warm hand

If the steak is frozen, even if it is sealed in a vacuum bag, it should not be placed directly into the water when the ice is removed, as the water pressure will squeeze out the moisture in the meat, making the original sweet and juicy steak taste Tasty. Place the steak in a container at room temperature and allow it to cool slowly. If it was the night before, move the steak from the refrigerator to the refrigerator to cool.

Seal the blood in a hot pot: Before adding the steak, heat the pot or frying pan with olive oil or butter. The idea is because the heat quickly cooks the surface of the steak, creating a skin that seals the juice inside the meat.

When flipping the steak, use a spatula or clip instead of a knife or fork to prevent the gravy from running out.

Filet mignon can be topped with black pepper sauce, creamy mushroom sauce and more.

Above is the top steak steak, you can also make it delicious without losing the star restaurant.


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