Prevent computer dry eye ABC


Avoid “staring”, pay attention to frequent and complete blinking movements, often blinking can reduce the exposure time of the eyeball in the air, avoiding the evaporation of tears.

Do not blow the air conditioner for too long to avoid air flowing through the seat and place the tea near the seat to increase the surrounding humidity.

Eat more fruits, especially oranges, and eat more green vegetables, grains, fish and eggs.

Drinking more water also helps to reduce dryness.

Keep good habits, sleep enough, don’t stay up late.

Avoid running the computer continuously for a long time, pay attention to rest, generally operate for 1 hour and rest for 5-10 minutes. At rest, you can look far or do eye exercises.

Keep a good posture. Maintaining the most appropriate posture, allowing the eyes of both eyes to level or gently gazing down the screen, can make the neck muscles so relaxed and minimize the area where the eye is exposed to the air.

Adjust the distance of the screen. The recommended distance is 50-70 cm and the screen should be slightly below the horizontal position of the eye by 10-20 cm, making it 15 degrees to 20 degrees below the viewing angle. Because angle and distance can reduce the need for refraction, reducing the incidence of eye fatigue.

Create and maintain good working conditions. The ambient light should be soft, the brightness of the computer screen should be appropriate, the clarity should be good, and the height of the table and chair should match the height of the computer.

The screen brightness can be adjusted to half the maximum brightness to clearly see the content but slightly darker than the surrounding objects.

If your tears are low and your eyes are dry, you may not be able to use contact lenses in front of your computer. wear glasses. Those who wear contact lenses in front of computers also recommend the use of high oxygen permeability varieties.

For people over the age of 40, it is best to use a bifocal lens or a lower power lens when typing.

If there is redness in the eyes, burns or foreign body sensation, heavy eyelids, blurred things, even eye pain or headache, after rest, there is no significant improvement, you need to go to the hospital for medical treatment.


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