What are the symptoms of heart disease in the elderly


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Older friends are very susceptible to heart disease because we all know that our elderly friends are often prone to certain cardiovascular diseases. Once elderly friends have heart disease, many of our families are also suffering. My girlfriend needs to take care of heart disease. It is difficult to treat heart disease. Sometimes it will bring life-threatening to the patient. What are the symptoms of heart disease in the elderly? Let me tell you some of my experiences.

After the heart disease occurs in the elderly, the symptoms of the patient are very obvious. First, patients develop indigestion, bloating, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and fatigue. Sometimes, they have chest discomfort, palpitations and rapid heartbeat.

Old people’s heart disease brings a lot of harm to our patients, so we must pay special attention to daily life and do some maintenance. First, drink slowly, do not drink too fast, easily increase blood volume, and easily cause heart burden.

Old people have heart disease, usually to improve these bad symptoms, it is best to calm down, but also to ease their fears, but also to participate in some outdoor activities to relax their mentality.


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