The best food recommendations you can’t miss


Every country and every region has unforgettable food. The reason many people go to a place is because they want to taste the local food. Today we will introduce some delicious foods that should not be missed around the world to see if there are any dishes you like.


This kind of situation often occurs in various festivals and dishes in Morocco. Don’t just look at ordinary cakes, but it is very complicated in the production process. The total cost is 4 hours. The raw materials are used for poultry, onions, almonds, etc. Then add the appropriate fillings, fill the pancakes and bake them until the coke is yellow.

Blue chip

When I first heard the name, I had an incredible feeling that the snack was invented by the Belgians. It sounds simple, as if anyone can do it, but so far, no one can produce blue chip chips like Belgium. French fries are potato chips cooked with white wine and placed in a large pan with French fries.

Dear delay

The delay of honey from Thailand and Thailand is a mysterious feeling. It is very popular among people. It is a famous street food and catering snack in the local area. It is rich in flavor and simple in production. We can choose Put on some of the foods on the leaves they like, such as ginger, coconut, etc., then the food on top will be even and a sweet sauce, and finally, the fresh leaves will roll over the delicious sweetness delay.

Chickpea muffins

The American country has its own unique bread flavor, but this chickpea muffin is second to none in India, it will eat more bread, it needs to be eaten with chickpea curry, it has a unique taste, and many people are addicted. Don’t even dislike the fried food, especially like the chickpea muffin, which has a variety of flavors, sweet, spicy, sour.

French food

French cuisine is one of the top three cuisines in the world. People who have eaten French food always like to eat French croissants, which have an unparalleled charm. French croissants are not easy to copy. They can only buy the most authentic delicious croissants in the French bakery early in the morning. The choice of flour and butter is extremely strict. The thin skin inside the foreskin is a delicate bread hole.

These are the foods that are not to be missed in the world. Every food is very famous and delicious. Hurry up and see, what do you like?


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