Take a look at six of Argentina’s best dishes


The world is so big, there are many delicious foods in different countries. How much do you know about Argentine cuisine? Like all other countries, Argentina also has its own unique food. Here are some Argentinian foods like food.

Sweet fried dough stick

The ribbon-shaped cereal bread is used. In China, the fried dough sticks and Argentina are sandwiches of sweet dough sticks, usually with caramel milk sauce or cranberry sauce inside. Of course, if you also like sandwiches, it is not available. , fried, will eat sugar or chocolate sauce outside, is a dish that is very popular with Argentines.


The soup is made from rich raw materials such as corn, beans, pumpkin, onions, cumin, etc. At the same time, you can add pork and beef, boil these ingredients into a thick soup, contain high calories and high nutrition. The value is very suitable for winter. It can be customized for the cold winters of Argentina.


The main ingredient in Argentine sandwiches is salami, often referred to as grilled sausage, as an appetizer for barbecue. It is cooked on the grill until it has a rougher, slightly charred surface. If you eat it on a baguette, it is a baguette bread, you can add garlic sauce when you eat it. It is really spicy, it is a very spicy typical street food in Argentina.


We all know that many Argentines today are descendants of Spaniards and Italians, so the food and culture of this country is greatly influenced by these two countries. Pizza is a dish of Argentina. It was originally from Italy.

Grilled squid from Argentina

Argentine cooking foods are very much like the use of barbecue. It is arguably the most common method they use. We produce grilled squid in many countries in Argentina. The choice of this dish is the local seafood fresh squid. After thorough cleaning, use marinated condiments and finally bake in the oven.


Croissants are found in many countries, but Argentina is known for its croissants. The croissants are made from four kinds of butter and butter, known locally as Medialuna, which has long been an Argentine breakfast and afternoon tea. Croissants vary in shape. They can be fat, thin or doughy. Their texture can be hard or puffy.

These are the unique cuisines of Argentina, each one is delicious, like it, to taste it, I believe you will not be disappointed.


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