French salad dressing


Recipe ingredients:

35 ml red wine vinegar, 100 ml olive oil, a little salt, a little white pepper, a little parsley, a little rosemary, 15 g yellow mustard.

Process: stir fry, cook

Side dish area: home cooking

Recipe dependence: French cuisine

Production Method:

Add red wine vinegar to the mustard, add white pepper and mix well.

Then slowly add olive oil one by one. Stirring for at least 15 seconds each time olive oil is added.

Sprinkle with fresh parsley and thyme before thoroughly mixing the wine vinegar and olive oil.

Health tips:

Olive oil is rich in nutrients and rich in oleic acid. These oleic acids play a special role in lipid metabolism in the human body, which can lower total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol in the blood. At the same time reduce total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol, rather than lowering beneficial cholesterol. This French salad dressing is perfect for making fresh meat and fish salads on holidays.


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