How should heatstroke first aid


Summer is a long night, the temperature is always high, people are prone to heat stroke, after heatstroke, what is the mitigation method?

In the early stages of heat stroke, you should quickly go to a cool, airy place, supine, undress, loosen or take off your clothes. If your clothes are soaked in sweat, you should change the cooling. You can cover your head with a cold towel.

Mild heat stroke can pour water onto the victim. Splash on the water, faster evaporation and improve cooling efficiency. Or use a cold towel to wet the person and, if possible, move the person to the air conditioning area. In the early stages and gentleness, when the patient is still conscious, they can give some refreshing and refreshing drinks. When adding water, add a little salt or soda. But don’t rush to add a lot of water, otherwise it will cause vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea and other symptoms.

If the patient has lost consciousness during severe heat stroke, he can point to pinch, and he waits for the acupuncture point to wake it up. If breathing stops, artificial respiration should be performed immediately. For patients with severe heat stroke, they must be sent to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. When carrying a patient, use a stretcher to carry, do not allow the patient to walk, and at the same time take care to take the road, try to use ice packs on the patient’s forehead, back pillow, chest, elbow and ham root. Actively carry out physical cooling, and other important internal organs to protect the brain, heart and lungs.

Note: After heat stroke, conscious patients or patients after waking can drink mung bean soup, light salt water or heat medicine. You can usually drink more light drinks such as light salt water, soy milk, mung bean soup, etc. Try not to go out in the afternoon to prevent heat stroke.


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