What can eat kill cancer cell


Many people talk about the color change of cancer. In fact, although cancer has no cure at present, usually if you can eat more food to kill cancer cells, then you can reduce the incidence of cancer, then what to eat can kill Dead cancer cells?


Eggplant is rich in alkaloids, and citrulline is an anti-cancer ingredient. In fact, it has been clinically extracted from eggplant to aid in the treatment of gastric cancer and cervical cancer. Eggplant is a good medicine, such as treasure, eggplant flower, eggplant root, and eggplant juice.

Bitter melon:

Modern medicine has also found that bitter gourd contains a component called quinine protein, which is an anti-cancer component that kills some abnormal cancer cells and activates immune cells of active proteins. It plays a role in clearing away heat and detoxifying and removing heat. Therefore, eating more bitter gourd every day can play a role in preventing cancer cell proliferation.


As the saying goes, eat radish in winter and ginger in summer. Radish is a vegetable with strong health effects. Radish has become one of the most popular root-root vegetables in Japan, the Netherlands and the United States. It is well known that when there is a substance called nitrosamine in the human body, the risk of human cancer increases. The radish is rich in enzymes, and the enzyme can only react with carcinogenic nitrosamines, which can be in nitrosamines. Kill cancer cells. At the same time, we also know that radish also contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the body and has a great effect on promoting health. It also has the effect of preventing cancer. In addition, we know that raw radish tastes a bit spicy. In fact, this spicy taste is also because radish contains a mustard oil, which promotes defecation and helps the body to excrete excess material, which is good for health.


Pumpkin contains a substance called tryptophan P that inhibits the production of carcinogens. At the same time, pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and fiber. It has a good effect on preventing three major problems and obesity.


Kelp is rich in iodine, which can prevent “big neck” disease, which is rich in cellulose, which helps to excrete cholesterol and bile acids. At the same time, kelp is rich in sodium sulphate, carcinogens are excreted, and optionally Reduce the role of bacterial carcinogens.


Garlic is rich in disulfide and diallyl with elimination and carcinogens, while the unique allicin in garlic inhibits digestive bacteria and prevents the synthesis of nitrosamines. Studies have shown that people who like garlic have a lower risk of developing gastric cancer. The study also said that eating raw garlic may better prevent cancer.


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