How to remedy after staying up late the next day


Massage Baihui points

Usually after working overtime, it is prone to muscle soreness and headache. In this case, acupuncture points can be massaged with a wooden comb, first combing the hair, massage with the fingers or massage the scalp for about 5 minutes, which can stimulate blood circulation. Improve blood supply to the brain and improve the feeling of discomfort.

Make sure you have a good breakfast

After breakfast, you must have a delicious breakfast the next day. If you don’t eat breakfast, it will cause secondary damage to your body. You must not only eat but also eat.

Drink plenty of water and take vitamins

Because staying up late is easy to make the body lack of water, so you must add a lot of water the next day, while eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, can help eliminate toxins staying up late and waste, such as vitamin A, vitamin B group, vitamin C, Vitamin E and vitamins should be filled in four times to reduce the consumption of sour meat and reduce the harm of staying up late.

Recover from lunch break

Staying up late is definitely depressed, plus another morning of hard work, naps are necessary, but to control the nap time control within an hour, to avoid affecting normal sleep at night, if there is no time to snore, close your eyes, quiet Spirit is also very helpful.

Use mask in the morning and evening

Staying up late is very harmful to the skin, especially for female white-collar workers. The bad color on the second day will affect the mood and work efficiency. Therefore, the mask can be applied to both maintain the skin and moisturize the skin, and a certain refreshing effect. Applying the mask before going to sleep at night is more suitable for skin care.

under the sun

The gentle sunshine can help us adjust the biological clock and let our body recover faster. If you can do some aerobic exercise on the way to work in the sun, it will accelerate the body’s waste discharge.


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