How should package sex pleurisy treat below two


Pleuritis is a disease in which our body is infected with certain bacteria or viruses or other microorganisms, or tumor factors, or chemicals in our body, or some allergic reactions, some body trauma, and the like.

Encapsulated pleurisy and many compartments, so when we are affected by inflammation or tuberculosis, we may accumulate fluid. Usually our body may have a fever, chest pain and so on.

For these two cases of encapsulated pleurisy, we need to rest in bed for anti-infective treatment. In addition, we can also extract the effusion in some way and then use it in combination with some anti-tuberculosis drugs. At the same time, we also need to avoid capsule adhesion.

We must pay more attention to rest, do not do more heavy physical labor, and then strengthen our own nutritional supplements, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Strengthen physical exercise to prevent infection from other diseases.


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