Renault has unveiled its DeZir concept car as a guide to future design


When the biennial Paris motor show kicks off in September, it is only natural that the host of carmakers should be all in. Renault today launched their specially prepared DeZir concept car for the Paris auto show, a preview of the brand’s future design direction. The DeZir concept is the first vehicle designed by Renault’s new vice President of design Laurens van den Acker. Renault says the DeZir concept has delivered a design language of “simplicity,” “feeling” and “warmth.” From the photos, DeZir undoubtedly has the first two elements, and the “warmth” seems to be insufficient to describe the hot red body.

French automakers have been known to leverage advanced electric drive systems in their concept vehicles, and DeZir has been no exception. A 110-kilowatt electric motor drives the rear wheels, allowing the 830-kilogram roadster to go from zero to 60mph(96km/h) in five seconds. The power is stored in a 24-kilowatt-hour battery pack, the same size as the nissan Leaf within the group. But Renault has added a Quick Drop design, in which the battery pack can be quickly disassembled and reassembled to remove depleted batteries from dedicated service stations and replace them with fully charged ones to avoid long waits for recharging. DeZir’s DeZir body is light because its panels, including a pair of “butterfly” doors, are made of kevlar materials and its skeleton is a tubular space frame. As ever, the possibility of DeZir’s mass production is slim, but some of its design elements will be in Renault’s future mass production models.
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