Spring high waist pants with high waist pants, looks tired!


This spring, a variety of high-waisted pants are popular, such as high-waisted wide-leg pants, high-waisted knitted casual pants, flannelette bell-bottom high-waisted pants… And so on. Like most? Look at this!

High waist trousers

White pants believe that many people are afraid to buy a color, why? It’s easy to get dirty, especially when a girl comes to her period. If she puts on a pair of white pants and gets dirty, how embarrassing will it be? But we can try to avoid this time to wear; Recommend this white 9 minutes haroon tall waist trousers, loose the design of small straight tube has thin body effect most, let your crus line more outspread and become slender

Small radish high waist pants

Say height is insufficient, pants will gather together, change tall waist pants, show thin repair leg model good charming all sorts of vogue, all sorts of brief build, believe you can wear a different style. Recommend this small foot radish tall waist trousers, small foot design wears upper body to show very thin really, such color also is very recreational and natural, suit the schoolgirl that seeks contracted aesthetic feeling more, the flat bottom sandal on the foot also is the invincible heighten money that can outspread leg ministry curve quite, spring is worn so recreational good-looking.

Slim stretch pants

This year’s high waist pants are especially popular. High-waist pants are actually full of retro-style trousers. This piece has an excellent effect on lifting the waistline and modifying the figure, and it is especially romantic. Especially the choice of black, the slimming effect is particularly good, the buttons on the pants can make the body look more slender, the overall shape is refreshing and advanced.

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