Amanda Shires won’t “give up the secrets of her songs”

Amanda Shires performs with her husband, Jason Isbell, on Mountain Stage.

Amanda Shires won’t “give up the secrets of her songs”
Amanda Shires is known for her folk, Americana sounds. In 2017, Shires was named the American Music Association’s annual emerging artist, who often brings her voice and style to her husband Jason Isbell’s band The Four Unit. But her new single “To the Sunset” is far from her normal style, singing more pop music with a sly guitar and layered vocals.

Amanda Shires brings her electroacoustic (and violin) to the “sunset”

Shires came to the NPR singing new album in Washington, DC, and talked to NPR’s Don Gonyea about the story behind them, as well as becoming a country music and a new mother.

Amanda Shires performs a Tiny Desk Concert at the NPR Music offices.

Don Gonyea: I saw what you quoted, women in country music, and even women in American music, should sound reasonable. Maybe sad, longing for the song. You walked down the red carpet of the Country Music Association in 2017, wearing a T-shirt that read: “Mom wants to change the voice of Nashville.” The music style of this album is what you are trying to change and violate these expectations. Way?

Amanda Shires, “Breaking Champagne”
Amanda Shires: No, just because I don’t play the top 40, but I think when you find things that are unfair or unbalanced, I think you still have to talk about it, but in the music world, about other music types and things. But now, most of them are in the top 40, and even all of them talk about it, you still turn on the radio, you still listen to it for two hours, you only hear two women or three if there is a trio that happens to have one woman. Then when you see the chart, there may be a woman – I am talking about the top 40 countries – it is like a slow, sad, poor female song. I think this is really frustrating. And do you know what will happen? As a result, when you do festivals and other things, they don’t pick women because they must have optimistic songs. So this is a strange Catch-22,

Amanda Shires performs with her husband, Jason Isbell, on Mountain Stage.

Amanda Shires On World Cafe
A song that really sticks to my head, especially the guitar and your voice, it really seems to reflect that this very gradual sound you got on this record is called “Eve’s daughter.”

The first thing that comes to mind is that it must be an explosion of singing with the band on the stage.

This is, it is very interesting. I am a double dog and dare to let them play on the radio. immediately.

I suspect that public radio stations are playing it. So it is called “the daughter of Eve.” Tell us who Eve is and who is her daughter.

The idea started with my mother, because it was really her story, and then if I became her to some extent, it was a mixture of my own ideas. I think it started where I entered the picture. So my father sent her to the mineral well, Tx. – A beautiful place – It didn’t work. She was walking around and doing a lot of work, like being a fishmonger and a bail woman and going to school. Then, accept the choices she made and then be happy about it.

Amanda Shires (center) with band members Seth Plemmons (left) and Zack Levine (right).

So you have a daughter now. Does this experience give you a different perspective on your relationship with your mother? Do you know more?

This is a trip. You know when you have a child, and as you get older, your parents start to become more like your friends, then tell you what they wouldn’t tell you when you were 14 or 15 and answer the past Or other questions. When my daughter was born, we talked a lot about things because the mother was a guilty situation. I walked around and I left her, so I kept talking to her. She told me that her own mother gave up her, as if it was for good, so I didn’t do bad things, really, just go to work, and if she was older she would let her want to make those choices. It feels good to do what she wants to do.

The children showed us their things in a very powerful way.

They are like this. They even pointed out things like lamp holders or power outlets.

One day [my daughter] sat at the breakfast table, I sat with her, she was like, “Get up!” I feel something is wrong, just like I don’t know what it will be. But then she said, “You are sitting on me.” This is cool. This is a good route. I will keep it.

She needs a cooperative song.

Don’t tell her! I gave her a popsicle. [ laughter ]

You have the last song to take us out.

This song is called “Charm”, about the return of mother and mother and our status as a human being in the world.

Amanda Shires, “Charm”
Charm bracelet charm?

Glamour can really be anything, but I did mention the bracelet in the song. I don’t want to reveal all the secrets I want to tell you. I think, because the beauty of songs is that if you do it right, many people can relate to it in their own way and use things to express their meaning. Therefore, I don’t want to reveal the secret and destroy someone’s opinion of the song to them.


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