Travel and mission: volunteer to Nepal!


Travel and mission: volunteer to Nepal!

In the first part of our interview with two people, they combined vacations with volunteers

Unfortunately, by the end of the polish summer, many of us have entered the “hibernation” season, which means we spend most of our time in front of the couch. As for the holidays… Well, they’ve become distant memories, or a distant dream, and we’re used to “next year’s holiday.” But is it true?

In fact, the best time to take risks is not necessarily in the summer. For many, September is an exciting time to return to reality, but for some, it’s a great opportunity to start their journey. Today, we’d like to share a story about six people who didn’t know each other before they traveled, but we have one thing in common: the desire to get out of the box. It is this intense desire that leads them to cross the road and take risks together with the mission. How does it work? Stay in the first part of our experience.

The team

Our team consists of six people:

-lidia, traveler, mother of two, founder of Travel With Mission,

-our guide, Agnieszka, also organized Tours.

-ma is involved in marketing every day.

-monika, whose natural residents are the number of insurance companies,

Marta, counselor and a partner in a law firm, was also involved in the rod nonprofit Ama Canem foundation and KooperatywaSpo ż ywcza work.

-monica, WH O is a volunteer in Poland.

Some teams already have experience traveling to exotic destinations such as Kenya, Cuba, India, Hawaii or China. Still, as Mr. Ma said, “all these trips seemed perfect,” until I volunteered in Nepal. Then I realized that in addition to having a good time in a beautiful natural environment — I could feel real joy and fulfillment, just as our school helped Nepal’s children for three days. “But we will share the second part of the voluntary services we have encountered in Nepal. 🙂


Here is what we have prepared for volunteers:

Stage 1: Kathmandu, participants see:

-durbar Squer- the oldest part of the city, with its palaces and numerous temples – including the name of the living goddess kumari

-buddhanath- center of buddhist life and refugee areas from Tibet;

Swayambhunath, also known as one of Nepal’s most important sites for cults, is important for both buddhists and hindus.

– the temple of paspatina – a place of special Hindu worship near the crematorium.

Stage 2: go to boca kalla, and:

– take the lovely Phewa Tal lake, then on the 1,100-meter ananda slope, bokalla fragita (also known as the world peace tower or white tower)

– explore downtown boca ratan

– visit the international summit museum, where you can see spectacular mountain views and amazing pictures of how to conquer them.

– enjoy the sunrise on the top of Sarangkot mountain and the beauty of Annapurna snow mountain

– explore the local market near my home.

Stage 3: visit two schools:

-mani Jyoti junior high school, Sarangkot (where we drew the school for three days);

– and Sijana Primari school Lalagau in boca ratla (where we gave all our children polish toothpaste).

Stage 4: visit chiwang national park

Here, our team spent two nights:

– we accompany the jungle book.

– participate in cultural nights to learn about local cultural customs;

– kayaking along the river is a great chance to see birds and get close to crocodiles, but it’s safe to meet them;

-we rented a jeep to see the national park, where we came across a bear, followed by a rhino and a tiger.

– at sunrise we explore the jungle while elephants travel – and finally see the rhinos!

As for preparing Nepal, apart from mandatory vaccines and shopping, no special preparations are required for this trip. Before she went there, Lydia wanted to explore Nepal and read articles and guides. However, as one of our participants pointed out, the luxury of organized travel does not require organization and preparation. “I feel comfortable on this trip,” ma told us. After all, isn’t this a holiday? Have a free mind and just want to know what you think and daydream “.


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