How to use the other three-sided grater in your box


There is more than one shaper in the box. We know. It’s shocking. The side you’ve been using, the chopped cheese, looks like it’s in the package, great, but you should explore. Just as we love microairplanes (think you deserve one), the other three deserve some love.

Maybe you don’t use them because you don’t know what to do or why. It’s very cool. We are here to serve you. We hope you will make full use of your box grinder. Part of the reason is that we love box sharpeners. Partly because we like you. But mostly because we like cheese. The following is how to make full use of all aspects of the grinder:

You already know that
Yes, you may have chopped up Cheddar or Palm here. We like to cut the softer and harder cheese into large pieces of pasta, vegetables and bread. We must bake it in the oven. Oh, so is grilled cheese. But it’s also good for vegetables. Rasterized zucchini or tomato pasta sauce is like this side, and after a week it’s like rasterized cheese.

Less than what you already know
The above principles apply to this smaller version. The main difference here is the size of the fragment. Smaller cuts mean faster thawing times, so we use chopped cheese here, and we want to melt what it serves. Would you like some cheddar or jack cheese chili peppers? You have a story here.

The small, tricky side
This is the most misunderstood aspect of the box grinder.It looks like it wants to grab your hand, plug everything in and complain about it all day. We love this aspect because it puts hard cheese into the powder you buy at the grocery store. The trick is you don’t push cheese out of the hole. Brush the cheese gently, like a Parmesan nail, through the piece. They will fall down in the bowl. You may have to let the grinder relax the rest of the cheese, but if you need that good cheese, it’s worth it.
The wide, thin, flat surface of the old cheese is beautiful. It’s for you. We like to put the cheese on a shaved vegetable salad and pasta, such as macaroni or lasagna, because you need to separate the cheese. However, please do not consider this as mandolin. It won’t shave like you want it to. Only hard cheese. thank you


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