You may have missed the alternative World Cup this summer


    This week’s FIFA World Cup will be in full swing. But if you like football and the political side, so the real summer is June 9, “alternative” the end of the World Cup, the game will come from the world “countries, in fact, the national, regional, and minority national sports isolated territory”.

    When World Cup teams play a role in pride, they will be recognized. Since 2013, by an independent football association football championship (CONIFA) organization, this is a “political neutrality, volunteers run charity”. 47 CONIFA supervision team, including 16 teams in the cuts in the United Kingdom, this year’s game

    Participants came from all over the world, from abkhazians in northwestern Georgia to Matabelelanders in eastern Zimbabwe. Four teams have shown their strengths: Szekely Land, Padania, northern Cyprus and championship champion Karpatalya. Here is a brief introduction.

    Fourth place: Szekely Land

    Szekely Land, located in central Romania, is home to hundreds of thousands of ethnic hungarians. Originally part of Hungary, it was re-signed after the two world wars as part (in fact, twice) of Romania. The name of the territory comes from the Hungarian dialect of Szekel.

    For decades, Szekely land residents is a communist dictatorship in Romania as a second-class citizen – they are forbidden to speak in public life hun, Hungarian officials electoral failure, severely restrict cross-border communication. Since the collapse of the Soviet union in the early 1990s, efforts to promote autonomy have been led by Romania’s Hungarian democratic union, which seeks territorial and cultural autonomy in Romania. Most of the protests were peaceful, despite the deaths of five people in the 1990 conflict.

    Unfortunately for them, the romanian government did not believe their complaints were independent. Still, the dream exists.

    Number three: Padania

    Patania is the northernmost region of Italy, centered around the Po valley. With Italy ineligible for the traditional World Cup, patania’s third place finish could be one of the best in an international football tournament this summer. Another reason for patania is also noteworthy – the team has long pushed for padanja to take a break from roma, while the rest of Italy is a team called the northern league It recently changed its name to union and came second in Italy’s national elections.

    For years, the northern league ridiculed its fellow southerners and accused them of redistributing their hard-earned money to the poorer south. As the league’s prominence in the country has risen, the criticism has been muted. It is now in an anti-union government opposed to the eu’s five star movement of suspicion, and its strong anti-migration tendencies tend to be followed by Brussels. Still, the ambitions of some of the great northern parties that have sprung up for the remnants of the northern league remain.

    But when the region’s political champions are now in Rome, it is hard to demand unfair treatment. Many other people in this competition will like this type of problem.

    Runner-up: north Cyprus

    North Cyprus won the second place in the final of the losing tournament. Cyprus has been one of the most dangerous flashpoints between Turkey and Greece for years – it became an independent state in 1960 under British rule. Today, 78% of the population is Greek cypriots and 18% Turkish cypriots. Turkey and Greece are initially agreed to respect the independence and territorial integrity of the island, but with the outbreak of tensions in the 1960 s and early 70 s, Athens’s military support communication-freeze plug people attempt a coup in 1974, caused the invasion of the Cypriot north Cyprus. Turkish troops. Population exchanges between the north and the south have not been long, after nearly a decade of failed negotiations. 1983 north Cyprus declared independence; To this day, no one but Turkey recognizes it as an independent country.

    Tensions between north and south has been in a relatively low level, but as long as the Cyprus problem remains unresolved, it may be any Greece or Turkey politician in the opinion polls for nationalist bumpy lightning rod.

    Title: Karpatalya

    Finally, the competition team. Karpatalya is located in the carpathian mountains in western Ukraine, bordering Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. It has nearly 1.2 million people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, most notably hungarians. In the chaos of world war ii, the former part of Czechoslovakia declared its independence 24 hours before Hungary annexed it. After the post-war division of Europe, Ukraine later claimed it under the flag of the Soviet union. When the Soviet union collapsed in 1991, a referendum was held.


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