The general world is literally Westworld in Japan, and Maeve is now essentially a god.


Now let’s take a look at the more interesting part of this episode: what happened in the shogunate world. After teasing the park for over a year, HBO finally brought the audience to the shogunate world. Is it worth the wait? Yes. Yes, it is.

In the shogunate world, we will learn that some will become the key to the future development of the plot:

1. Delos’s staff is lazy.

The shogunate world is like the Japanese Western world. These scenes and characters are almost exactly the same. Every park has a tattooed bad woman:

Maeve has a similar person in the general world of the shogunate and Akane operates an geisha group. The storyline also creates a feeling of déjà vu (we have witnessed a safe robbery, as happened in the first season of “Mariposa”).

The shogunate world, like Raj World, is also experiencing a similar breakdown with the Western world – the host is derailing, but most people do not seem to realize that they are robots. Maeve tested her Jedi joke on the first Shogun world host she met.

The problem is not that Marve still has no unimaginable power. She said the wrong language. Once she realized that she could speak fluent Japanese (as a woman, her program made it easy for her to come into contact with various languages, but as Li explained, all presenters can speak various languages. Deep inside, she is back.

2. Maeve can now use her brain to control other hosts.

Oh, and more importantly: Maeve realizes that she no longer needs to express her commands in words. She can control other hosts through telepathy without a word. When a ninja was about to kill her, she made a very convenient discovery. She used mental control to puncture him. This is this.

In this concentration, she competed against the entire shogunate in exactly the same way, forcing them to kill each other. Of course, the future of the western world will be enormous—this is true for the entire world and even for humanity as a whole. Marvel can do what Delores wants to do, and call all the masters to fight against humanity. Of course, she can also do the opposite and use a simple idea to completely smash Droli’s rebellion.

3 shows. Maeve may not support robots’ self-consciousness as we imagine.

To be honest, I tend to do the latter. In a very important scene in this episode, Maeve began to give Akane self-awareness, but at the beginning of the process, Akane retreated in pain. At that moment, Maeve realized that self-consciousness and the freedom that came with it came at a price: You lost your trust in your narrative, your own life story, and your relationships.

When Maeve realized that Akane saw another geisha Sakura as a daughter, she decided not to push her to “realise that you are a robot.” She does not want to lose this relationship, just as she felt when she learned about her truth.

Of course, when the cherry was dead, everything disappeared from the window. This was bad for Akon, but it was good for us because she and Ma Fu formed a hellish team.


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