Anthony Bourdain offers travel tips for Singapore.


Anthony bourdin spent 24 hours in Singapore, a tourist paradise. Here are the best tips from Tony in the series. Be sure to check them out before your next trip.

A serious food city

“May be a sleepless city, New York, the city will never stop eating, but Singapore for a gastrointestinal tourists, a tourist, any kind of serious eaters, Singapore is probably your best place to the shortest possible time. ”

Changi airport

“You have a good airport – a hotel, a day room, shopping – the usual benefits that you might really want to buy. There’s food to eat, and it’s pretty good in volume. So far, it’s easy to find the best airport. In the world, it’s more serious, with free movie theaters, free Internet, lounge chairs, smoking rooms, super slides, indoor gardens. ”

The weather

“Everything is close in Singapore, but it’s also hot, and I can’t tell you enough.”

Breakfast in Singapore

“Breakfast can have all kinds of delicious food. Remember, it’s a culture, and there’s no shame in the big bowl of steam noodles or the first thing at ratsa in the morning.”

Singapore cuisine

“If there is one dish that you must try, it’s chicken rice, which you may not like very much, but it may give you a better understanding of Singapore.”

Street food

“You know, most cultures, most places, they see street food as a problem to solve, but for me, that’s the number one reason to come to Singapore.”

The hawker centre

“Trip in any 24 hours, if you don’t want to be in any of the hawker center plan at least three meals, so stupid, hawker centers in Singapore is a shrewd strategy, can merge and control had been confused and popular culture. Street carts.

What do you eat in changi village hawker center?

Huafeng wonton noodles

Dozens chicken rice lu

Decheng soy milk and tofu

Minnan rib shrimp noodles

Carrot cake

Commander of Singapore

“I would say, a significant portion of western visitors are here to raffles bar, in order to obtain their compulsory Singapore sling to passenger’s tip: skip this, no one drink Singapore sling, it is a disgusting drink, don’t waste your time. ”

Medicines in Singapore

“Despite all my travel here, but I don’t think I’ve seen the police, but know this: when they in Singapore said there was no drugs, they are not kidding, I mean, really, not joking, or even a bag of weeds here, it’s easy to become the most stupid person alive. ”


“May make you feel surprise, in the name of the nanny state public security, even sex and the city were examined, prostitution is tolerated, even is controlled by the state, in geylang downtown even this is clear. Orchard house.

For the sake of beauty

“It’s not my kind – the tallest ferris wheel in the world, it’s $25 – you might want to skip it, I think, do you want a view? There’s another option in the bay area, maybe a better one – it looks like crazy surfboard deck balancing on three buildings called SkyPark. “


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