Jason Aldean wants his music to speak for himself.


Jason Aldean performed at the 91 road harvest festival in Las Vegas when a gunman opened fire on the audience, killing 58 people.Aldean will release his eighth album, Rearview Town, on April 13.
You may be accustomed to hear those who long for his latest album and apart from the previous works of artists, these works are from the perspective of formula, the idea was that their dissatisfaction with their music making of the restrictions on the feel. But not everyone agrees.
Because of his grammy and Saturday night live performances after he publicly for the first time, he is very familiar with their followers, because he publicly for the first time in the 91 harvest fest into a massacre. In the past few years, Georgia indigenous people have established relationship with his large audiences, in almost every aspect provides consistency, from the rough and tough character to his concerts and strengthen swing stage formula guide the album.
“I want to have a can make the journey [audience] to participate in the project, if they want to join the party, if they are experiencing break up, or they fall in love,” he told NPR, occasionally from email of relief, cigarettes, legs crossed in a swivel chair next to the park in mixing console. “But beyond that, men don’t have much to hide.”
This point in his career, in the eighth album “rear view town” after the release, Aldean is very clear music critics tend to looking for new music for the new music, such as the narrative clue, concept of provocative statements and complexity. Based on the analysis of his work, he can save trouble for them, he said with a quick, “don’t try to separate my brain, trying to figure out where I come from, because I not only think of the song is very cool, want to cut it. “
For him, even the experience of changing his life in Las Vegas was handled outside of his album background.
In the next interview, Aldean talked about his creative process, he how to deal with the tragedy of Las Vegas, and how to return to Miranda lambert singing partner as contemporary reading repertoire: “drowned whisky”, “the NPR is launched today.
This is not the first song you recorded with Miranda Lambert. You asked her to sing a song in a song more than a decade ago. Why is she a partner you want to come back to? What do you agree with her?

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Jason Aldean
11th Annual ACM Honors, Show, Nashville, USA – 23 Aug 2017

I dig Miranda. I think she is a great artist. I always said that if I were a woman, I would probably do something like Miranda, like “kerosene.” However, she can also do a folk song, which sounds amazing, has fun and rock. I’ve always been a fan of her, and we’ve been friends for a long time. We used to go on tour together. We appear at the same time and have the same booking agent. … I have some songs and I think she sounds great, and this is one of them.
You let her choose?
I sent a… She is a bit uneasy about this song. I said, “look, if you don’t like this song, let’s not do it. I have another song.” So when I sent her “drowned whisky”, she said, “yes!”
It tells the story of a sad man who tried to drown his sorrows with whiskey, a classic theme of village music. The protruding steel guitar gives it a traditional sound. However, the feeling of the track is also affected by the program. What do you think is the proper balance between traditional sensitization and population-driven evolution?
For me, traditional country songs seem to be the latest in a cycle or effect… Now there are cycles everywhere. This is the whole music theme, not just village music. We’re going to add it to the core country song, and we’re going to incorporate it into the big bang of a big stage rock band.
Many different generations of country artists may say they want to do something new.
I think we all want to keep this genre going, and we want to expand it a little bit.
Your voice has the same facts as all the core team members of the tournament and all your albums (including this album).


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