Naacp issued American air travel advisory; The company agreed to


Naacp issued American air travel advisory; The company agreed to

The naacp, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, issued a warning to black travelers on American airlines. In response, the airline’s chairman said the airline would not “tolerate any form of discrimination”.

The advisory was released on Tuesday and us airways responded on Wednesday.

The naacp describes the “disturbing pattern of accidents reported by American airlines to African American passengers”. In particular, they cite four incidents as examples: “these events show the corporate culture of American airlines’ indifference to race and possible racial prejudice”.

“An African American man was asked to give up from Washington, d.c., to raleigh, durham – buy seats on the plane, simply because he responded to two white unruly passengers on his don’t respect and discriminatory comments,” said the naacp, incident.

In another case, a black woman with a first-class ticket turned into a coach, while her white companion remained in first class. The other two incidents were the removal of black women from flights after a routine complaint or request.

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“Growing list” of this kind of event reflects a unacceptable corporate culture, involving behavior can not be ignored like regular or casual, “the NAACP President and chief executive of Derek Johnson said.

“We know these events are simply because the passengers involved know their rights and know to speak up and act boldly,” the naacp wrote in a consultation. “What we are worried about today is that when it comes to the abuse of African American customers by American airlines, the examples cited here may represent just the tip of the iceberg.” The group called for an “audience” with airlines.

In a letter to employees, American airlines chairman and chief executive doug parker strongly defended the company’s professionalism, safety and inclusion record.

The naacp’s mission statement said it “seeks to eliminate all barriers to racial discrimination”. “This is a mission that American airlines recognize and promote every day – we will not and will not tolerate any form of discrimination,” pike wrote.

“We have contacted the naacp and are eager to meet them and listen to their questions and concerns,” parker said.

The naacp released a travel advisory report this summer for Missouri, noting the state’s record of racial bias in traffic sites. This is the first such alert issued by the naacp for a single country.


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