Our love song: ASHLEY Monroe, ‘you’


Our love song: ASHLEY Monroe, ‘you’

When Ashley Monroe began in Music Row tour, she almost don’t have enough time to get a driver’s license, and try to make the state of their own career success, and that it will follow the progress of the inevitable.

“When I get to the city, you’ll find that it’s going to be in your head in some way,” Monroe told NPR. “Moved there, to find, get a record deal, and soon, you have a bus, and then you tour, then you on CMA and ACM, later, you will win grammy awards.

Even at that time, experienced industry vet also heard her how amazing she is soul, her gift gives her what kind of gift, the shadow of her melody exquisite and delicate Appalachian shivering in her wording deeply sad.

Munro, 31, spent half his life in Nashville, winning the praise of village elders, diverse collaborators, policy makers and the music critics. She went through the cycle of anticipation and disappointment, because she released a lot of albums and saw them almost without impact by the standard measures of success in mainstream countries: radio. Along the way, she not only continued to improve her expression, but also accumulated a valuable perspective, reinterpreted her wishes.

“My god, the last two records I wrote with my favorite artists of any genre; Vince Gill, “she exclaimed. “This is my book, I have overcome some things, and learned from them, and I have married the love of my life, I have a child, that is success.”

Monroe is preparing to launch her fourth album, “Sparrow,” which will be released on April 20, “not worried” about what will happen to the record labels.

“I don’t think I’m worried anymore because I think I’m lucky,” she said. “I have this quiet confidence that it will find its way.”

When Monroe’s pr team invited some writers to RCA Studio with A long history of A control room, her through professional speaker recorded some new songs, she seems to be more nervous than the prospect of people hear things. Along with producer Dave Cobb, she introduced the pieces of each background.

Before playing “Hands On You”, NPR’s music, she explained that she drew inspiration from the song On her weekend beach trip. A bedbug in her stomach confined her to a hotel bed, sucking on gals, while her girlfriend went out in the city and came back with the story of the handsome man they had met. Monroe used more imagination to turn this experience into a greedy, forward-looking, R&B sexual fantasy.

In that song and other 11 first full repertoire list, many of these songs, with the voice of luxuriant strings expressed her Monroe sounds more sensitive than ever before in her skin, sensibility and comfortable.

In a corner of the studio, as an enthusiast lounge, containing the mod furniture, an old-fashioned hi-fi and vinyl speakers – she sat down with NPR, for the first time accepted her influence most work to date.

Jewly Hight: do you have any sense of the freedom of the album?

ASHLEY Monroe: 100%. What’s interesting is that I need to get pregnant and leave so that the baby has this feeling, and the songs are written before. I feel very different. I feel confident in the way I am healthy. What people thought was bothering me… It no longer exists. I just feel like my whole world is different. I’m proud of myself to get over a pile of things because I’m hesitant about it. Now I have my son Dalton, and I want to make him proud. I want him to watch me go, “wow, my mom is a bad guy.”

When you talk to an artist who has become a parent for the first time, you will find that they are affected in many ways. In some cases, they feel pain in their lives between work and childbirth. It’s fun to hear you say it makes you feel good about your art.

Obviously, yes, it does change your life. I’m going to hold a press conference in New York and Los Angeles, but I still don’t know what I’m going to do with Dalton. But I knew it would be discovered. My husband [former white sox pitcher John danks], thank god, he retired from MLB, he can be a very good father, he likes very much. Really, in my life, I don’t have to panic. Take care of yourself.

I began to have a period of time, and I began to feel very anxious, a lot, “who am I?” I went through every scenario: if you just stopped music? What if you just want to stay home and be a mom? I could hear Dalton ask me, “mom, why don’t you sing?” And I, “I want to be with you.” Then he said, “why? ! I want to travel around the world, I want to see you sing! I understand this literally.

Woman, you can do this. You can be. I’m watching the Mike Judge gift: the tour bus story. In a concentration of George [Jones] and tammy [Wyatt], tammy had three children, and she got up and left [her husband] and went to Nashville. You just want to come out.

You used to dabble in the country music, especially on the blade, “someone told you”. What makes you finally want to go all the way into the lush, well-planned way of making albums?

These songs have many feelings among them. They wrote it from an emotional place. I’ve just come back from a drastic treatment, ‘I call it. I dealt with what happened in my childhood and forgiveness; For my mother, forgive all these deep feelings for myself. I think the strings will bring out the emotion, and Dave and I are talking about how cool it will be – “I want to be aware”, “orphan”, even “wild love”.

I don’t think people will necessarily associate Dave Cobb with a lot of recordings with strings. They thought about his lean natural production with Jason isbell and Chris stapleton. Do you feel like you’re venturing into new territory?

I guess that’s it. We are all music fans. We talked a lot about glen Campbell, and we listened to Elton John’s first record. We listened to our favorite records, and we all had similar Spaces. It’s all air, and then blue, like “moving fast.” There are a lot of rikhall records. I think it just adds another element of the soul. It pulls your soul.

We’re really being tracked down. It just sounds like Dave, I’m obviously the drum and bass. Then we started to track with the piano. We’ll just keep doing it. I can already say, “that sounds good.” And then the strings.

I’m glad you mentioned glen Campbell. Usually when artists draw inspiration from the 1970s, especially when you’re artists of this generation, they’re going back to the illegal times, and that’s a much trickier question. But when I heard your album, I thought of the pop style of orchestral music, disco and soft rock. Did you find so many things in the weakness of your time that your peers ignored?

When you think about it, even Waylon [Jennings] is in the “MacArthur park” of the song, and the strings are in the country music. You know what I mean? Or elvis Presley, my god. I really didn’t think too much. Speaking of music I’ve never really done it. I just feel it. While working with Dave, we had the same problem, like “it feels good.”

I try to think: “what are some of my favorite strings?” There are some older records, but I’m Shelby Lynne. I met that day. What is that? Who knows what it is? It’s just Shelby Lynne who’s behind her singing her ass with her beautiful strings. You know, when people ask me what I would compare [my album], I don’t know. Someone said Dusty in Memphis. All I know is that when I hear these songs, I feel the rumble inside me, as I have never felt before.

When you came here to record, you were in the early stages of pregnancy. You joke that it means you have no weed or wine. How did this change your experience?

When you don’t have any wine or weeds, what I notice is that you feel every little thing. But this is a good lesson that I learned in life, and it is absolutely right to feel it. The pain was so uncomfortable. There are many different ways we try to treat it. I’ve tried a lot of ‘time’. Sometimes, whatever it is, you just need to feel it through it.

I would enter that room, and I had felt a subtle force, because I knew I was living another life. But I was singing too, and I thought it was a more honest place, and I felt that everything was more normal than usual. In addition to pregnancy and mild crowding, there was no change. When I listen now, sometimes my voice gets softer. I think it sounds honest.

Do you think your voice attacks are more sensitive?

Perhaps. Sometimes, when you drink a glass of wine, you become very bold, and you are like, “oh my god!” [you let go] a bunch of licks.

You have played the role of sexual desire in your song “wild flowers, not roses”, and you often express your desire by thinking. But for your new song “Hands on You” and “wild love”, there is a very mature feeling. It has been a while since the country music became famous. What did you say to take you there?

This new confidence and feeling is like a woman, feeling like an adult. I never really showed this side. Being a sexy woman and having it feels good. Women, we share the same desires and needs as everyone else. Somehow, it’s a little tip over the foot. B: I see. I think it’s a little taboo. But now, it’s like I’m a mom. I’m married. I can talk about sex because it’s obviously part of my life. I think it’s cool for women to hear it.

You’ve loved music since you were a child. Have you played specific things for Dalton? Do you play the album for him?

I played an album on the car because I really thought he was familiar with the song. When I sing, he is in my heart. If he becomes critical, I will put it on. He loves Eric clapton, and I’ll tell you. He really liked Pharrell. I can tell him, I’ll wear music. So yes, I do think he reacted to music.

I’m not surprised. I was still talking to you for the first time, and when you were in your teens, it shocked me, and you had a profound understanding of how music affected people.

I think he has chosen. Sometimes I feel like he’s overloaded and he needs music. I can see what he will do, because I am.


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