Latin American music status: change, inclusion and frontier.


Latin American music status: change, inclusion and frontier.

In early January of surprising to become one of the most popular place in New York City – at least in the arts – tens of thousands of performing arts professionals from around the world gathered at the club, auditorium, universities, museums, cultural centers and even all kinds of hotel rooms in music, drama and the tip of the dance performances.

These performances are part of the annual meeting of the entertainers association. From the perspective of music journalists, they are a very good way, through the several important events that took place during a year of APAP divided between time to experience the width and depth of the Latin American music, including Winter Jazzfest, Globalfest and Secret Planet and Mundial Montreal show offers.

Rajasthan jazz jazz festival opening day of a week in winter, as always, be fully reflected, is Mexico’s experience and drummer and Antonio sanchez grammy 2018 competitors (he won grammy awards in 2016 score of Birdman) of muscular, a kind of enjoyment. Edgy jazz. In addition, in another grammy award nominee in 2018 – best world music album “Winter Jazzfest”, especially the African flamenco and Latin grammy winner Buika with her strong velvety voice and great charm and impact into reggae jazz flamenco. The opening game of Buika was the chileans’ camilla meza, whose jazz guitars were pulled out, and the touch of the delicate vocals and the Latin and Brazilian ballads, which provided a framework for the tune of social consciousness. Also in Winter Jazzfest, Barcelona Alexis Cuadrado command an extraordinary musicians ensemble performance, his performance is very good, he is Charlie Chaplin’s silent film “migration” wrote his score.

Duoguang Bei, Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion, Chris Locke, Caribou Digital, Amolo Ng’weno, BFA, Nadeem Shaikh, Anthemis

The Drom gallery, which is the leading global music club on the lower east side, has always been a great source of discovery. Including by two brooklyn brand producer “secret planet” : Barbes club and Electric Cowbell labels (just released Spanglish Fly’s new album, Alt Latino selection in 2018, one of the great new music) and another Mundial Montreal shows the global music party. At DROM, we saw the New York colombianos and tropical futurism Chimbita with a powerful psychedelic trance, and the mayan beats of Guatemalan doctor Nativo, infused with hip-hop.

It’s also a good idea to look at these products at the Lincoln Center’s Davis Rubenstein Atrium, which is known as the best place for music in Manhattan. There, we can see from the Los Angeles root Cuban music band Changui Majadero produced by a group of vivid television series, the focus on this station in eastern Cuba of classical and super to the rhythm of the dance.

We found mecca and its 12 bands shut down our APAP experience in 2018 using a Globalfest of three venues in times square. As usual, the 15th edition of Globalfest jointly held a feast pace of international, including New York Mariachi Mariachi Flor DE Toloache adventure stray singer, Cuban cigars and flute waving a force of nature’s La Dame Blanche (aka YaiteRamos, buena vista social club music director Jesus Aguaje Ramos’s daughter) and elaborate Puerto Rico bolero style beautiful China torch songs.

So, we can say – as APAP 2018 proves – the music scene in Latin America is stronger, more dynamic and more eclectic than ever before. Latin American artists are the boundary of fuzzy genre, the development of traditional music, novelty, the most important thing is to create a unique music, use where they come from music to obtain unprecedented position of music.


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