Immortality, sadness, and drinking ‘how to stop time’


Immortality, sadness, and drinking ‘how to stop time’

It makes me crazy about time travel books. In (almost) every person, the most notable experience of time travelers is that they meet other people who are not time travelers; At their proper moment, they are as famous as all hell.

Hitler, Jesus, Shakespeare, this or that king. Sometimes this is the purpose of time travel (let’s kill Hitler! It is so famous that it has given birth to the subgenre of its own semi-historical novel, and sometimes it is just a pleasant diversion, but it always seems to be about to happen. It is as if people believe they can recall the past: they always seem to be napoleon or cleopatra. No one remembers the past. They were Columbus’s second most successful aluminum wall salesman in Columbus, Ohio.

In terms of how to stop the time from matt haig’s new novel, the protagonist Tom he (Tom Hazard) (which for a time traveler – or anyone else) is a wonderful name know Shakespeare. Connect with Shakespeare. Work for him and play the pipa for his work. The danger was met by Fitzgeralds (zelda and f. Scott). He had been in the rooms of Josephine baker and Lillian gish. If he is not a salesman who is completely independent of aluminum and is just an ordinary person, then all of this can be very annoying. A bum. Piano player. The murderer. History teacher. He has done a lot of things in a lot of times, because according to the strictest definition, Hazard is not really a time traveler – he’s just been living a very, very long time. Although he looks like a modest 41-year-old London teacher, he was actually born in 1581 with a rare genetic condition that made him very slow.

“People like us will only be in one of two ways of death,” Agnes said, he is another hazard – an albatross (that is calling yourself) for a long time in the world of a May world (this is what they call the rest of us). “We or died of 950 around the age of sleep, or because of violent destroy our heart or the brain, or lead to severe blood loss and death, this is our immune system, we have from the suffering of so many people.

That sounds great, right? But Mr Hague’s story is loneliness and lack of hazard – a young Tom, is alone in the world (his father died in the war, because his mother is a can give to her children immortal witch died) and rose between the tragedy of the romantic, Elizabeth fruit sellers in London. Of course, it will end badly. Because Tom doesn’t age. Tom will never get sick. But Ross will.

How to stop the time for meditation and mortality. There are too few and too many nightmares about every moment. Has a plot elements make a little play plot, but it was not until the last third of the book, this is a minor plot, and as a film to keep those tedious part of the narrative, when they threatened to destroy is discourse of vortices play on the piano, London terrain or placed in the teacher’s lounge scene – these are as boring as you think.

How to stop time is like meditation time and mortality. There are too few and too many nightmares about every moment.

But even these transfers are trivial, and Tom hazare is a great guide to the 400-year history of human history. Enough motivation is enough fun enough to fascinate big things (revolution) and small (Gershwin). He was an ordinary man, and he had received a special gift. There were some things he was looking for, but, really, he was just a witness to more people than usual.

How to stop at any time or place become heavy and continuous time is too long, the time will be affected, but in hagrid allow his narrator from the moment the fleeting moments, recalling the length of the decades, as if they were a long weekend, and then landed somewhere a few paragraphs describing Paris or New York, they is very important for Tom and his story, the book can be very beautiful, sad and complete strangers. “It’s strange how far away the past is, even if you imagine it’s so far away,” said Tom. “Strangely, how each object or word can accommodate a ghost.”

Because it’s really a book about time, not about travel. Time is about moments, not Spaces between them. Haig did a good job of capturing something beautiful like a butterfly – love or anger or heartbreak.

One of them was the night Tom hazard drank beer from Shakespeare.

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