New combination: huai oak, jose gonzalez, we eat grandma, more.


New combination: huai oak, jose gonzalez, we eat grandma, more.

Has anyone seen the grammys and concluded that the recording academy has really identified it? No one has ever concluded that they nailed it. So let’s start with a simple question and consider this episode of all the songs: why keep watching? ! It’s like being addicted to disappointment and anger.

The only cure is to share and talk about a large group of great artists that may not be on the academy radar, including the brilliant rock band Wye Oak and Swedish folk singer JoseGonzalez. Gonzalez quietly gave up new EP last week, he has to play at the back of the directory versions of songs, wei IO in g just announced they will launch a named in the spring “cried, faster” new span. We play the theme song on this week’s show.

Also on the show: Grace Vonderkuhn’s tough, loud and fast guitar rock; Let’s eat grandma’s pranks music; Singer brianna hunt’s solo project in Many Rooms; And the iran-dutch singer known as Sevdaliza.

Grace Vonderkuhn’s “bad habit” is her anxious follower in her debut album, “Worry,” in her debut album, “Worry.” It’s a loud, rough album, but very personal guitar rock. “Bad habits” are “slipping back into old behaviors and letting others control your happiness,” says von dekuhn. The Reveries will be released on February 23 at EggHunt.

Bright pink

Let’s eat grandma’s latest single, “Hot Pink,” which has retained the twin frolicking characteristics of the 2016 debut of Gemini. Despite this, we eat granny’s unique electronic pop music to beat the feminist notes. The band says “hot pink” is “a misunderstanding about femininity and masculinity and the power to embrace them.”

Kill the love

With The rise of The band The Brite Lites, JoseGonzalez magnified The reinterpretation of The “love for love” version of tension. Gonzalez quietly dropped EP from four songs on Friday and adapted the tracks from his catalog. They recorded ep-this is the same studio in Svenska Grammofonstudion in Sweden, recording the original “kill love” and the remaining “our nature” in 2007.

This is saying, everything

Hearing the songs of many rooms, “which is to say, everything,” can be a disturbing, almost separate experience. For all the song host Bob Boilen, it captures the intense pressure of depression, as Brianna Hunt sings the song without the traditional poetry – choral bridge structure. The second album of many rooms, “There is A Presence Here,” will be released on other people’s records on April 13.

The faster I shout, the faster it runs.

Of wye, Jenny, and Andy stark in their upcoming fifth album “The Louder I Call, The Faster – It Runs” recorded in a week long short, omar method respectively in durham, north Carolina and Texas home trip. There is a palpable sense of urgency in the album’s hit songs, the first new material we’ve received since we started screaming in 2014. Co-host robin Hilton said: “it seems to be part of the mourning for the loss of youth… But it’s also a rallying cry, not a waste of time. Call it out loud. It runs faster on April 6.

The soul can synchronize

“Soul Syncable”, the latest news from the iranian-born Dutch artist Sevdaliza, will be released on the day of the super blue moon. The song is as mysterious as the time it was released, and the secret message of Sevdaliza about the song will only add to the fun. “These are her supernatural glimpses, she is a ship,” she wrote, referring to herself as a third person. “By healing songs to raise the curse or to move on to the next life, collect the mask as a keepsake in the process, her inner guidance comes from the collection, and ultimately leads to the supreme self.”


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