The Oscar nominee’s “phantom line” focuses on fashion’s “obsession”

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The Oscar nominee’s “phantom line” focuses on fashion’s “obsession”

The nominees for the 90th Academy Awards announced Tuesday that Paul Thomas Anderson’s film “ghost line” received six nominations, including best director and best picture.

The Phantom Thread was designed in London in the 1950s as a fashion designer for Daniel day-lewis, making dresses for wealthy women and members of the royal family. Mr. Anderson’s previous films include “blood,” “magnolia” and “Bohemian night” — his latest movie inspired by iconic designers such as Christian Dior and CristobalBalenciaga.

“They are thought to be obsessed,” Mr. Anderson said. “Their relationship with their clients is a very rich place and it helps to have a very dramatic effect.”

Anderson was particularly interested in dior’s photo of a woman’s studio in a white coat. “It’s both visually and dramatically appropriate for our story,” he said.

What attracted me was that he was very good at working with his hands; [he] apparently went to study how to make shoes a few years later. He’s always tinkering. His hands are great. He is a great carpenter, so let him sew or do anything practical, his hands seem to be in his alley. …

It’s been a long time since I really saw Daniel in a movie. Usually, if you’re Lincoln, you’re Abraham Lincoln; Or [we] did it before [with blood] and you were covered by oil. There’s something very important – debonair is not the right word, I’m not sure what it is – but when he gets handsome, it melts you, and I think it’s good to see it again.

Daniel day-lewis was nominated for an Oscar in the phantom line. In June, he announced that he planned to quit acting.

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The challenge of making sewing dramatic.

I worked with an assistant director named Adam Somner. He worked with Steven spielberg, who worked with ridley Scott, who used to be a big action movie, and when there was an explosion or a car chase or a lot of actors, he was great. That’s his specialty.

We had a situation where we had 10 women around the hem of the wedding dress, and they had to finish the hem before 8 a.m. We looked at him one day, as we set this point, trying to get them to get heated. …… They were all sewing, they were actual sewers, and I saw [Somner] go through the scene and say, “well, you have to get this dress ready! Let’s go! Everybody’s ready! Move! ”

They were sewing at the speed they were sewing, and I couldn’t stop laughing. I thought, “it’s not as dramatic as anything I’ve seen before,” so I’m glad we pulled it down in some way. I was still thinking about that moment – he might have a megaphone in his hand, like Shouting in their faces, “ladies! You must have this dress ready! Like it is fast and passionate or something.

In the score of the film, the academy award for best original nomination.

I think [I have] that intuition makes it feel like a musical. No one can sing. … It helps the audience. …… It can help to guide the audience, in other ways may be a cacophony of story with a cacophony of roles, some of the time, it’s feet light, may not have music may not be so light, you know. I think this is a very reasonable approach that can be used to guide the audience to a relaxing place where they can smile. …… We have a lot of little melodies and themes, and I think we really rely on it.

He was close to losing Philip Seymour hoffman and other actors.

I’m still looking for shrapnel from someone who has lost access to me, so I haven’t thought of a lot of things yet. Benefits – if you can solve this problem – you really don’t want to take things for granted. You can do it well, just force yourself to say, “look how good it is now and now.” I think I’m doing it right now. I have four fantastic children and it’s fun to come home every day. So there are a lot of things to cherish in front of me.


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