Brady Carlisle rejected pain and self-pity. ‘by the way, I forgive you.’


Brady Carlisle rejected pain and self-pity. ‘by the way, I forgive you.’

Carlisle plays songs about forgiveness of lovers, parents and others on her new album. Critic Ken tucker said the singer’s music and information had “great power”.


This is fresh air. She has six studio albums in her career and Brandi Carlile has a new album, “By The Way, I Forgive You”. It was made in Nashville by the country music insiders Dave Cobb and Shooter Jennings. Ken Tucker, our rock critic, said the new album sounded more like a Carlisle concert.

(song music, “every time I hear this song”)

BRANDI CARLILE :(singing) a love song plays on the radio. It makes me a little sad because it reminds me of you. I want to know how you do it, but I hope I don’t care, because I gave you everything I have and got your worst.

KEN TUCKER, wired: where on your list of priorities is forgiveness? For brandy Carlisle, it was quite high there. Her new album is called “By The Way, I forgive you”. This is a quote from the song I just played, “every time I hear that song,” it’s about how music slowly remembers what you want to remember. Or, if you are composed of the smart things, just as Carlisle seems to be like that, it’s music, can lead you to accept unhappy command, solve that the root of misfortune, and forgive her or him.

The music created by Carlile on this album is suitable for the tone of confession. It combines the melody of the original singer with the more dramatic orchestral music. You can hear two patterns when you switch between an intimate opening text and a large choir that “holds out your hand”.

(music for the song, “hold your hand”)

Carelli :(singing) I ran a lot of miles of life and crime, mountain climbing and rest time, packing the rhyming rhymes, tired jokes and wooden COINS. I am everyone’s friend, everyone’s friend.

I might lose my house. I can steal a car. I can serve two masters and live a hard life – like a dog living in a yard in a cage, a fist full of cold hard money, I can’t let go. The devil can’t have my soul. The devil can’t get your soul. The devil can’t get your soul.

Hold out your hand. Catch me. Now we turn round and round. Don’t you want to dance? From the moment we started, I was a dying man. Hold out your hand.

TUCKER: this album was made by Shooter Jennings and Dave Cobb. Cobb has received a lot of attention for making cutting-edge country musicals such as stegier Simpson and Jason Isabel. In the past, Carlisle songs tend to tame her release passion in singing, she fearlessly irregular edge, let you hear last note if it helps to express the correct emotion. Cobb and Jennings were determined to capture more of Carlisle’s stage enthusiasm, and they had a great success with the joke. The song about being bullied and ridiculed contains a huge emotional shock.

(music, “joke”)

Carelli :(singing) you’re nervous – aren’t you a boy? – in your quiet voice and impeccable style. Never let them steal your joy and gentle ways to prevent them from being wild. They can stick dirt on their faces, dress you up, tell you, when they hate the way you shine, you’re in the middle.

I see you dragging your shirt, trying to hide it inside and hide its damage. Let them live, and they can. Let them spin. Let them disperse in the wind. I’ve been to the movies. I’ve seen how it ends. The joke is on them.

TUCKER: Carlile and her producer have created a great opportunity for this album, taking the risk of a gorgeous melodrama. They hired the late Paul Buckmaster to arrange a large number of strings for Elton John, David Bowie and Harry Nilsson. In this album, buckmaster shows the expansion of the two songs’ symphonies. But let’s go back to the subject of this comment – forgiveness.

(” SOUNDBITE OF SONG “, “hard life”)

CARLILE: (singing) I like the song when I was a little boy, I hate, because they brought me back to the place where I come from – when everyone is different, every broken heart over.

But I can be alone in a crowded room, my thoughts flowing like water on the floor. I’ll let the darkness rise for a few days. I don’t always choose to stay sunny.

Sometimes I pretend we never meet, because forgiving is harder than forgetting. Sometimes forgiveness is hard.

TUCKER: Brandi Carlile played some songs about forgiveness of lovers, parents and others in our lives. She started the social media campaign by asking young people to share forgiveness stories with the title #bythewayIforgiveyou. She began to publicize that she had forgiven the pastor who refused to baptize her as a gay teenager several years ago. Choosing to reject bitterness, self-pity or revenge, Carlisle is powerful in her music and the forms of forgiveness in these real lives.

Davis: kentak is a commentator on yahoo TV. He reviewed Brandi Carlile’s new album “By Way, I Forgive You”. If you want to catch up with you miss the interview, we interview with tara wei Christopher, for example, about growing up in rural Idaho a fundamentalist family grew up, or with the actor Richard Jenkins, because its role in the shape of the “water” and was nominated for an Oscar nomination, “look at our podcast, you will find these interviews and so on.

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Carelli :(singing) I didn’t hear my mother’s voice for a moment, but her words always fell out of my mouth. My mind and spirit are sometimes different; they fight like the north and the south. I still care enough to bear the weight.


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