The songs we love: remember sports, ‘from the bottom up’


The songs we love: remember sports, ‘from the bottom up’

Do you remember sports?

While at Kenyon college in Ohio, the eccly-pop punk band was officially released, but the future seemed doubtful when it released its second album, “everything in 2015.” After graduation, several members were forced to leave, and spread to more schools or looking for work, and in this time should celebrate, and to contact new fans, this album is more like a swan song goodbye. Thank goodness the band put up with it. As a guitarist and lead singer Carmen perry, guitarist jack washburne and bassist Catherine DE wiles all moved to Philadelphia, and at Cornell perry has added a new drummer, the band will be ready for the second chapter – though there is a nickname is converted to mark occasions.

Is now known as the “remember Sports”, the band is clever place lit in the past, but also alleviates some fans confused after the accident, and busy in another band called Sports performances of mistakes. “We started out as a pointless, randomly selected college band and didn’t expect to continue working together after graduation,” the group tweeted in November. “This is a name we have loved and hated over the last five years, so it’s a change that we welcome with open arms.”

This transition period informs Remember Sports’ upcoming new album, Slow Bzz. As the band’s main songwriter, Carmen perry always shows capture uncertainty at the crossroads of tricks of the trade, the conflict – youth melancholy and excitement in adulthood, or a friendship and relationships become often become unrecognizable, as a result. The focus is on fast and fuzzy single “Up From Below”.

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Songs in the past, describes in detail a unrequited love romance and romantic, and fell in love with vertigo, we found that perry record here for a period of long-term relationships and is coming to an end. “Everything you divide/you are not angry with me, you just can’t look me in the eye,” she sang, equal parts of anger and pain. In the creak of the power string and the searing guitar link, perry impressively sets out a rapidly inflaming phrase, breaking the row with open candor:

When I love you too much, it’s so loud, it’s so loud.

Without noticing that there was no slow breakthrough in our minds,

And it turns out there’s no way around it.

I can’t stop you.

Stop me from going

“I wrote this song after a major life change,” perry told NPR. “This is about how to sudden changes in your life, and this kind of change is very terrible, but it is inevitable, grief is not a linear process, so it is best to let go of control, to any place you need. ”

Even after the breakup she felt overwhelmed by the injury, Perry hinted that she was ready to move on and asked, “can we still get out of this mess? In the choir. “Only from the bottom up! Similarly, as sports record a new road, they become an unforgettable band.


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