The Florida legislature refused to debate the assault rifle, calling pornography a ‘health risk.’


The Florida legislature refused to debate the assault rifle, calling pornography a ‘health risk.’

As high school students who survived filming in parkland, Florida, they went to the state Capitol to demand action on guns, and lawmakers provided a glimpse of the fighting they faced.

At the meeting on Tuesday, 17 for students and staff were killed last week for Stoneman Douglas high school community began to pray, Florida house lawmakers refused to ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazine bill debate.

The democratic debate on the bill requires two-thirds of the votes and fails. Thirty-six lawmakers supported it, and 71 voted no. It doesn’t take into account its advantages.

‘we’re not going to give up’ : Florida school shooting survivors march tougher gun laws.


Florida school shooting survivors to march in the state Capitol more stringent gun laws.

At the same session, lawmakers supported legislation declaring pornography a public health risk. The bill “recognizes the public health risks arising from pornography and recognizes the need for education, prevention, research and policy changes to protect the state’s citizens.”

Florida representative Kionne McGhee, a lawmaker, called for the assault weapons bill to be debated, calling it a “special procedural measure.”

“Considering for Stoneman Douglas high school, HB is an act of 219, designed to ensure that as for Stoneman Douglas high school of the mass shootings and massacre -” McGhee said before the speaker of the house of representatives will he shut down, because he is the essence of the talk about bill. The speaker asked why he should withdraw from the committee and debate on the court.

“The subcommittee referred to in the act does not plan to meet again at this meeting, and if it is not mentioned, the bill would be considered dead,” McGhee replied. “I ask you to keep this bill, and talk about solutions to mass shootings, and live.”

The vote failed. The whole topic was discussed in less than three minutes.

Some students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school are watching the gallery vote, according to the south Florida sun sentinel.

Three JROTC students were killed in Florida shooting.


Three JROTC students were killed in Florida shooting.

“How can they do this to us? Are you kidding??? # NeverAgain, “jojo student Emma gonzales reports from the Miami herald. “We will not forget that this is a midterm election – the anger I feel now is indescribable.”

The newspaper reported that the bill had a senate version, although it was “not heard in the committee.” The senate committee “favors the idea of placing law enforcement officers in every school in the state.”

“Almost all of the 71 lawmakers who voted against the ban on assault rifles received A’ A’ rating from the national rifle association,” CNN reported.

After Parkland Shooting, conservative media criticized stricter gun laws.

The national

After Parkland Shooting, conservative media criticized stricter gun laws.

On Wednesday morning, democratic senator Kevin Reid told NPR’s early edition that he is optimistic that lawmakers will be able to address these issues at the current session. “I’m pretty sure we’ll have some changes in Tallahassee, no doubt.”

He said the fact that lawmakers were meeting had made it more likely that they would act, in contrast to the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in the summer of 2016.

Also on Tuesday, the assistant of the republican representative, Shawn Harrison, was fired, commenting on the controversial comments made by Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school students. District secretary Benjamin Kelly mentioned an Internet conspiracy theories to a Tampa bay times reporter said that the newspaper child “is not the students here, but the actors, they will travel to various crises in the event of a crisis.”

As the paper points out, Jaclyn Corin, the President of 11th grade in high school, quickly responded on Facebook:

“We are KIDS, not actors, we grew up in our life in Parkland KIDS, we are worried about our life in our life, while someone in our school, we are trying to prevent this from happening again. KIDS “.


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