Pregame PB&J: how can comfort food become the secret of NBA success?

Chef James Rigato created his Cajun chicken pizza when he was just a teenager.

Pregame PB&J: how can comfort food become the secret of NBA success?

Pre-match rituals are rare for amateur and professional athletes. But the NBA’s special commitment to primary school snacks is profound: ESPN says the PB&J sandwich is a “secret addiction” in the league.

“In every NBA dressing room, there are different kinds of food on the table, but PB&J– if there’s a locker room, I haven’t seen it yet.” The ESPN reporter best holmes told Scott Simon.

In this week’s ESPN magazine, holmes explores how first-year students’ lunches become staples of professional basketball players’ locker rooms.

The origins of the sandwich league can be traced back to the 2007-2008 Boston celtics anecdote.

Ever change for the league before the diet before Kevin garnett fate “, “” one day, when he was hungry – a teammate also said he was hungry, and want a PB&J -” let’s go ahead “, said holmes.

And, because garnett played so well: “now we need PB&J for every game.”

“It spread from there,” said holmes. “This is not to say that peanut butter jelly has not been consumed by athletes for a long time, but of course I am talking on a large scale.”

Chef Marcus Samuelsson first fell in love with a version of this burger at a tiny fish shack in Barbados

But in the NBA, a player’s body is not just a temple, it’s a company, it’s not the healthiest snack. So why PB&J?

In short, this is a fast, easy to make comfort food that can enhance the player’s mentality. As busy and athletes, “every year there are 41 games – they may travel inconvenience, they don’t feel well, poor transportation,” said holmes, they are eager to familiar and easy to digest.

Cro – Magnon may not take his first step in finding a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, however, said holmes, “he was looking for all of these components are included, this is one of the amazing food, because of the mental health benefit is, in fact many NBA experts say is one of the biggest benefits, in simple terms, opioids are released, let the players calm down, let them happy… There are some healthy fats and proteins that give them a little bit of energy, but the spiritual side of things, I mean, it’s really a comfort food.

And these athletes don’t break your average. In the league, some players are known for their likes and dislikes.

“Russell Westbrook likes to butter the bread and put the peanut butter on it when it’s ready,” holmes added. Carmelo Anthony loved his cinnamon raisin bagel. Latvia’s born knicks player Chris topsy porzingis had not heard of a PB&J before being selected. “I’m in love,” he told the Wall Street journal. “I grew up with PB&J when I was a kid, and it gave me a lot of excitement,” Kevin Durant told Nike. “Actually, PB&J is my snack.”

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Different teams have different PB&J traditions.

Of course. Much depends on the location, the preferences of certain players. The all-star team has the lakers, and the SAN Antonio spurs have their partnership with the HEB central market in SAN Antonio. You go to Portland: half of their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are grilled because star player damian lillard likes them. You go to Milwaukee. They’re an interesting game in the NBA. They made a PB&J buffet before the game, but all kinds of nuts, butter and peanut butter, jams and jellies, all sorts of bread, peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and jelly oatmeal, waffles.

Whether PB&J is a nutritional choice.

Nutritionists say I said this is not the most healthy snacks, but concessions fatty junk food more healthy than its competitors – no matter what situation – Fried foods, burgers, especially if it’s just a little bit of a game before hunger. And then you know a little bit more about its science, that peanut butter and jelly is made up of all the ingredients that humans have, and it goes back to the neanderthals, when they wanted something to live. Different kinds of fats and proteins and starches are not, and the combination of these essential ingredients is incorporated into PB&J. So when you take one, when you bite one, these different opioids are released. You’re happy that most people recognize this.


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