For fashion designer Christian Siriano, no size is out of style.


For fashion designer Christian Siriano, no size is out of style.

Christian Siriano has been designing dresses since he was a teenager. Now 31, he and his company have been making clothes for women of all shapes and sizes in the past decade.

There is a moment you could say, Siriano: Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama wearing a dress of his in July to attend the democratic national convention, he shows in New York’s fashion week in September 5 increase the size of the model, he to the red carpet dress up nine stars a year’s emmy awards. On the red carpet, Siriano has a clothing line with Lane Bryant, a national chain of superlarge women’s clothing chains, and has designed shoes for Payless.

The designer tells NPR’s Ari Shapiro, high-end or discount, that he has always been an inclusive design, and that inclusion has returned to women in the family.

He said: “I have my mom, super chic, but my mom is a 16 year old, and my sister really wears clothes, but the size is zero. “So I always have this very interesting world around me.”

“We only have clients of every size looking for something, so it’s been very normal since the first day of the company,” Siriano said after founding the company.

Interview window

Design clothes for different body types.

I think it’s very important to figure that out. You know, if you have more chest or more hips, or whatever it is, we all feel that I feel better. That’s why in a set, it should be as diverse as possible. I think there should be many different types of bodies and women’s choices.

Tim gunn: the fashion industry isn’t for supersize women.

Art and life

Tim gunn: the fashion industry isn’t for supersize women.

Why did he decide to work with Ryan Bryant?

I kind of threw it on your face. …… I think what they’re doing is like throwing it in the face and saying, “we should celebrate all these different types of women.” … I just feel that there is so much hatred, there is so much madness in this world, clothes and fashion should be interesting and fabulous. Like, it shouldn’t be a stressful, scary, intense thing.

When he first became interested in fashion design.

I think it has a lot to do with my sister ballet dancer. So my mom and I are backstage. We like to wear costumes and make up. Acting is like a fashion show. … I just like the world, I don’t know why I love the world, but I know I like that fantasy idea. And then slowly… I’ve just become a fan of clothes, what women wear.

What was his life after he won the Project Runway?

And then you’re really thrown into a market of millions of fans who want to buy a product, and they don’t know how to buy a product. You are like owning a brand, without a brand. You don’t have anything… For me, I’m really good at pretending I know what I’m doing. But, you know, I don’t know. My first retailer was saks fifth avenue. I don’t even know how to deliver to the retailer. Like it. How do you clean it? How do you send it to make sure it’s on the floor? When you go, you will understand.

In his first fashion tip.

You find your silhouette, and you celebrate it. It’s all about finding your favorite silhouette, which makes you feel good, and then, you know, swing as much as you can.


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