First listen: Son Lux, “brighter wounds”


First listen: Son Lux, “brighter wounds”

Ryan lott is both a classical musician and composer, and a creative voice designer who specializes in tempo production. Over the years, he has blurred the lines of the genre with his films and dances, and of course his nickname, the variation band Son Lux. With its unique melody, unique texture and dynamic layout, lott has a unique blend of sound and electronics. Whether it’s spectacular or heartbreaking, the song of Son Lux always brings us into his rich imagination.

Son Lux’s new album, Brighter Wounds, has turned black. And the resulting turmoil after the 2016 election year – Lott also experienced the birth of his first child and cancer of the unfortunate loss of a close friend of a period of time to write down and record – “trauma” of light early and cross to set up an ominous tone these ten songs Although there is no overt political attitude, but you can’t hear a faint, even without knowing the potential undercurrent, tell lott mentality, trying to understand to words of life and death is joyful and is sad.

Son lux, a brighter wound.

Urban slang

At the opening ceremony of the “forty hiss”, lott lamented that his newborn son would one day inherit the state of the world. “I want to be another world for you, if I can’t bear to see it, will you?” Lautner sings and admits to self-doubt and resignation, which makes any new parent familiar with raising children in uncertain times. “Say love! Screaming love! He has repeatedly pleaded for hope for the future. “Aquatic” also thinks about the short cycle of life, and the inheritance we pass on: “we all may start aquatic life, but our bones are only dust.

In the album arc, ROM between day and night for the battle between light and dark, and the theme of escape – from wake up from the haze and regain youth romance (” dream “), to liberate itself from the old wound (” surround “) definition. “Slowly” process the lies we tell, comforting each other when the truth becomes too unbearable.

Brighter trauma functions, such as DM stith, the longtime collaborator of rob muth and yMusic, and David douglass, the trumpeter, and instrumental builder and musician alendon Dionyso. Mr. Lott’s strongest partnership is still with his band members, guitarist Rafiq Bhatia and drummer Ian Chang. Was originally intended to visit New York musician Son Lux’s 2013 album “lantern” (Lanterns) and to do, but now, after numerous live performances and several recording (EP Remedy bare-bones in 2015 and 2015), they are indispensable in each step the creative process.

Son Lux (left to right): Ian Chang, Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia

Bhatia and zhang’s music fingerprint can feel everywhere, from “slowly” the dynamic rhythm of interaction between notes and impromptu start – stop spacing, to make public the “siege” of nursing staff in advance sex more rhythmic drum noisy static into songs. “Labor” reduces the piano, the violin and the guitar licks deep in the soul of battier, focusing on lott’s shaky bass and female chorus. The direction of “all” in the same way to adjust form, through minimalism and silence to increase tension, then flashes of synthesizer and string, and a surge in choir chanted: “we are not a beautiful one? Aren’t we beautiful?

A brighter wound rises in the resurrection. After “out of the dark night, into a more brilliant night”, lott inspires his depression and grief, and finds redemption and rebirth by embracing family and faith. “Is this the feeling of resurrection from the other side? He sang. As Son Lux continues to innovate and show off the versatility of music, Brighter is another breakthrough in a time of trauma and heartbreak. This is the band’s most personal album.


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