First listen: kyle craft, “full circle nightmare”


First listen: kyle craft, “full circle nightmare”

Since his debut album, highland dolls, came out in 2016, Kyle Craft has done something very clear: for him, songs are king. People from Oregon Shreveport, wandering all over the world, finally settled in Portland, Oregon, with amazing image, rich word game and the boundless energy of poetic stuffed dolls. All of this is based on solid arrangements and pop rock classicism – a refreshing song. The holy, independent music label Sub Pop was enough to take the unknown singer-songwriter after their Seattle office showed up on their demo disc. Now, in his new album Full Circle Nightmare, his pen is clearer.

In a recent interview, Craft said: “I hate to abide by the current idea of terrorism. “It’s not everybody, but now it’s considered a good lyricism and it’s definitely a lower standard.” If he sounds cocky, he wins. “Dream girl with fever” opens a full circle nightmare with a propeller, and the sound of organ power. Was she cured or just a disease? / is she the jeans of the ransacked child? The craft sang, his voice thundered. His lyrics are clever, witty, melodious, and painful for the idealized pitfall of his beloved, who may be a “fortune-teller who doesn’t read.” In the “Junky heart of the heart” thing, it’s a rickety country rock appeal: “you’re a jet plane/I’m a failed parachute.”

The process may be the core of a text, but he does not shrink from the intensity and infectivity of the circle at the strict music level. The swing and calm tones of “float” and “queen of the delta” require a concentrated appreciation, thanks to the sound of the craft, the gentle playing and the euphoric chorus. The “false magic angel” has inspired an earth-shattering Dylan worthy Americana, only Bowie-era glam. And the “calf moan” of the piano is a lost ballad – but hope that one day it will be retaken – love will melt, remaking its love of incantation. “When your heart is mature, please send your greetings,” when the last note disappears, he murmured, almost he has no doubt that some of his own cruel autobiography is buried at the bottom of his agile phrases.

For all their classic hooks and licks, the Craft’s songs surround his words and sounds, and nothing is more obvious than the theme song of Full Circle Nightmare. For romantic fixed periodic mood, for the last time he dances and last chance of hem and whisper, said: “now there are one million kinds of ways to make a man fall in love with a woman/but I can’t find a way. In a time of intense debate about sexual politics, the technological thrill may seem entirely out of date. Once again, his work is the same: undisguised love, chaos and the eternal power of the song story.


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