True love and time travel “patience”


True love and time travel “patience”

Daniel klose (Daniel Clowes) may be one of the most famous comic book artist in our time, until the 80 s and 90 s artists today still continue to do great work, but he does tend to focus on. The writings of his recent as laser focusing human, which appeared repeatedly in the past 20 years in the cartoon type: a lonely, self-hatred people living on his own head, eager to communicate with people, but the opportunity comes, it is ruining the themselves. The Wilson Wilson, in 2010 Mr Marshall in 2011 is wonderful, many other unknown disguise – is a heartbreaking figure, close control style makes the watch role life he sad life is very painful. But he has been through a long time.

That’s why it’s so exciting to see the true love and time travel story of Clowes in Patience. Klose did create another lonely, obsessive male character here, but jack did not meditate on the lost woman, but did something to help her. In his quest, he and the reader are patient, dear, heartbreaking portrait, jack’s unique love.

Jack tormented with pain, trying to find the killer. Time passed, and he said, “every day,” another thin layer of history made me leave the truth. The next thing we know is that in 2029, jack’s life was 14 years ago. The only difference was that he was now surrounded by grotesque “future” objects and people dressed in unusual clothes. (Clowes in a Eightball cartoon depicts the vision of the future, the next few years to see how much it with him in trouble is a very interesting thing, inappropriate sexual display and speech broadcast monitor a dictator? Yes, the truck driver wore a wig and muumuus? Sadly not.

Now, this is the future, and jack can see patience again. He learned about the existence of time travel devices and quickly returned to their positions around the age of 20 (which is not a very precise time travel device). As he struggled to master the technology and found the patient’s ultimate killer, he observed the dark side of patience. “when I had the opportunity, I never wanted to hear anything ugly.

Jack saw a picture of a brave young woman in her early teens, somehow getting rid of the endless self-absorbed family. Patiently endure hardship, but she retains the basic decency and self-reliance, not the incredible kindness. This made her a certain heroine.

Unfortunately, the book does not stay patient. Jack’s time travel was far from foolproof, and he tried to drag him to different times and places. He suffered from strange visions, his physical collapse and reform. This gives Clowes a chance to draw fantastic shapes, energy and other interesting things, as well as to launch his patented juicy color scheme. He also sent sci-fi and black music with funny plot twists and silly characters.

But the time of patience, both in her past and present, is more profound. Jack is more sympathetic to the work of klose than his predecessors, but he remains as obsessed with himself as they are. This is to say that patience is defined by her lack of these qualities. Clowes was more attracted to her than the bad guys she met, as if a pure heart could be shown on her face. Who knows? Maybe.


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