The trump administration is obsessed with immigration crime.


The trump administration is obsessed with immigration crime.

The us department of justice (DOJ) and the department of homeland security about crime and terrorism, the new report provides a professional cherry pick data, to strengthen the people think that the country is under siege of a large number of foreign criminals. Data collection is about trump “protect our country from foreign terrorist attacks on the United States” the product of executive orders, should be a blow to trump the border, large-scale attacks and deportation and various muslim-majority countries to ban tourists. But even a rough look at the justice department, also can see garbage statistics how to help the trump anti-immigration agenda caused profound racism, also use the same statement, this statement makes the concept of “social science” distorted defended racial discrimination, oppression.

The ultra-conservative justice minister, Jeff Sessions, announced the report in a call to action: “… Constantly asking officials to risk their lives for law enforcement, and we accept thousands of people every year, but we don’t have enough background. The pillar of President trump’s immigration policy… It will make their jobs easier and make America safer. The policy of “statistics and hate trump has a suspicious elastic contact, such as” diversified lottery “the plan with Afghanistan was born in Manhattan in touch with the suspects of terrorist attacks, and as the rollback of due process and greatly expand domestic law enforcement attack and large detention provides the reasons, and these attacks and mass detention is now threatening the immigrant communities. No, in fact, the report content can prove one’s current level of law enforcement, let alone to expand the existing policy, before it toppled the government’s civil rights protection and the bill of rights.

But now the twisted crime figures are injecting fuel into Mr Trump’s repression. Justice department misleading to describe most convicted of terrorism as a migration results, points out that since the September 11, 2001 of the 549 people charged with international terrorism crimes, 73% are foreign born (including misleading even extradite suspects)). But the figures did not mention the background of personal immigration status, also does not have the data associated with terrorism overall incidence of statistical data, including the trump alternately praised the rapid expansion of white supremacist and new fascist movement system led by the violence. “The good man” has been ignored for the past year.

The breakdown of convictions shows a total of less than three, most of which are naturalized or born in the United States (i.e., “native”). The exact legal status of the migrants in crime is unclear. At the same time, just because of suspected terrorist was deported and how much is the number of migrants, and in an age of 911 after anti-terrorist hysteria, they did not mention the actual risk. Basically, immigration status is often used as a reason to bring the case to a person suspected of terrorism.

What we know as “the new republic” and “the huffington post, points out,” a recent without the blockade, has not been previously reported in the domestic terrorism charges, right-wing fanatics to intimidation of color community, every day in the government tend to fade for marginalized communities of armed white supremacist threat.

Also, the report stressed that was rejected by airlines, because they are on “watch list” of terrorism – this is an opaque database, civil libertarians have condemned lead to rampant error recognition and discriminatory against innocent people, including many guilty with Muslim grandiose name.

The justice department for some women also so-called “honor killings” terrorist attacked, this phenomenon is usually attributed to muslims and south Asian culture, as a response to the family “shame” or sexual assault. In addition to regular media coverage, there is little overall data on international events. But the report shows that the United States has 23 to 27 honor killings every year, which is distorted by the department of justice’s investigation of suspicious data.

In addition, the report will also be reported FGM events and convicted sex crimes involving immigration par – this is a very wide range of classification, the vast majority of immigrants to fully comply with the law, there is absolutely no threat

The report also points out that women are forced into “forced marriage”. However, this is from a study of young women were forced to marriage with a minor in, this is a family problems, affecting a wide range of community is generally because failure state protection against abuse.

Immigrant and women’s rights groups to carry out research in forced marriage Tahirih strongly criticized the meeting report, emphasize their results show that: in forced marriage “victims and perpetrators in religious, ethnic and national background in different ways, including the U.S. citizenship and immigration”.


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